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CA4WDC Conservation & Education Foundation

I am writing to support the application of the CA4WDC Conservation and Education Foundation Grant Request to take the Yellow Bandanna campaign state wide. The grant will educate users of trails throughout the state on the proper way to dispose of human waste and keep OHV trails clean.  This program has been successful on the Rubicon trail and it would be of a tremendous benefit in all area's of the state.  The program will distribute WAG bags to users along with educational materials,  when users have the bags they will be likely to use them. Thank you for consideration of this grant request. [Steve Egbert - 4/4/11]

Speaking as an enthusiast who has witnessed the success of the Yellow Bandanna campaign initiated by El Dorado County, I would like to support the grant application by the CA4WDC Foundation.

The Yellow Bandanna campaign has caught the public's attention in a new and unique manner. It is a great example of "thinking outside the box" in an attempt to teach OHV enthusiasts to take care of their trails. All of us who have been involved in education know how difficult it is to capture the public's attention, and even more than that, how difficult it is to have the public follow an educational process. The Yellow Bandanna campaign has been proven extremely successful at the goals teaching personal sanitation methods when on the trail, and getting the message out to more enthusiasts would be extremely valuable to our overall goals of keeping OHV trails open to all. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

I would like to recommend funding for this grant request in that it will benefit not only water and soil quality, but it would help create more user awareness of their indivdual responsibility to protect the recreational access they enjoy.  By involving local clubs there can be outreach to users that are not part of the organizations that distribute the education, but familiar with and likely to listen to people they already know.  We have worked hard as a local club to install rest rooms at strategic locations, but we know they cannot supply every need.  This program can help protect the environment when no other facilities are available.  Please fund it.  [Mark Cave - 4/3/11]