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Amador County Sheriff's Office

District 36 Motorcycle Sports Committee, a 56 year old non-profit organization, is please to comment on this grant.

Amador County, a small rural community, offers year round responsible Off Highway Vehicle recreation for the off road and snowmobile community. It was also one of those counties that was listed as a “destination OHV area” when the In-Lieu Fund restructuring process a few years ago was completed, and as such, this Grant should be funded at the level submitted. As said, use has increased up the Highway 88 scenic corridor at the recreation areas described within the grant application.

This Law Enforcement grant is much more than just the usual enforcement activities such as registration, spark arrestor or sound compliance – it is also a health and safety related issue where medical assistance may be needed, and having LE staff in the area during peak OHV use timeframes will ensure faster response when and if needed. An additional benefit of this grant, while not related to OHV recreation, is the remoteness of the recreation area locations which requires driving to these destinations, and thus puts an officer on the road to these areas which shows law enforcement presence if and when needed.

Educational benefits by officers in the field can also provide educational materials to responsible OHV recreationists on legal places to ride, as well as partnering with the Amador County Ranger Station (USFS) for information available to the public on campfire permits, or the latest legal trail maps for handing out to the public. The partnership the ACS office has with this ranger station is a good one, and the collaborative agreements and working partnership assures solid, legal and safe summer & winter OHV recreation opportunities.

District 36 wholeheartedly supports this Grant Application as submitted, and recommends full funding.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of our thousands of member families. [David Pickett - 3-15-11]