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BLM - Ukiah Field Office

G10-01-17-G01: I want to support the Ground Operations grant requested by the Ukiah Field Office. the Ukiah Field Office Successfully manages and maintains both South Cow Mountain and Knoxville OHV Recreation Areas, which are both very important to OHV enthusiasts in Northern California. The amounts requested are appropriate to the projects described, and the Ukiah Field Office has appropriately managed grant monies received in previous years. These are very important OHV areas, please award the amounts requested by the Ukiah Field Office.

G10-01-17-L01: I want to express my support for the Law Enforcement grant for the Ukiah Field Office of the BLM. This Field Office has supported OHV opportunities and adequate and professional law enforcement is critical t keeping these areas open in the future. Please award this grant, which will help keep these areas open into the future. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

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. [Don Amador - 3/24/11]