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BLM - Redding Field Office

G10-01-14-A01: I want to support the Acquisition grant request from the BLM Redding Field Office. The Redding Field Office should be commended for the constant support of the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area, and this acquisition grant request is a great use of OHV Trust Funds. Any use of OHV Trust Funds to expand OHV riding areas should be supported to the greatest extent, and I completely support this grant request. With the vigilance of this field office, OHV enthusiasts have the excellent opportunities for riding.

G10-01-14-G01: I also want to support the ground ops request by the Redding Field Office. In order to keep OHV opportunities we have to support ongoing maintenance, and this grant is an excellent opportunity to do just that. On-the-ground projects are critical in ongoing areas, and I strongly request that this grant be awarded.

G10-01-14-L01: I support this law enforcement request by the Redding Field Office. Enforcement is one of the key points to maintaining OHV opportunities, and using funds from the OHV Trust Fund to support ongoing law enforcement in the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area.

G10-01-14-P01: Please award this planning grant request from the BLM Redding Field Office. This planning grant will help plan a critical improvement to the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. This BLM Field Office has shown a commitment to continued OHV opportunities, and the OHV community wants to return that support, and ask for this grant to be awarded.  [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

Recreation Outdoors Coalition strongly supports this grant request for acquisition funds.  This BLM office is constantly searching for funds to acquire the private lands that intersperse the riding area.  Because there is always a chance that this private property could be sold to another private party and the conflict could begin and end with popular main routes being closed it is important that the BLM be in a position to secure these properties when they come on the market.  With the reduced access to other public lands and the demand for riding areas with different types of riding opportunities it is very important that this area be protected from conflict by private property changing hands to undesirable neighbors. 
G10-01-14-L01    $154,000   Chappie Ground Operations    Same as above
Recreation Outdoors Coalition strongly supports this grant request for ground operations funds.  The Shasta-Chappie area recently acquired a large track of land from the FS and the OHV trails on those lands had not been maintained for years.  To assure that these trails so not do resource damage and be kept available for the public it is necessary for the trail maintenance to be updated.  Also, the present manager of this area does a wonderful job of maintaining the area so trails do not have to be redlined or closed.  He is a rider so knows what the public is looking for in a trail ride.  Several years ago the area also suffered a huge fire so there are trails that continue to need repair.  This is a well managed area and deserves to have this grant funded.
G10-01-14-L01     $56,650    Chappie Law Enforcement    Same as above
Recreation Outdoors Coalition supports this grant request.  Not only is there good match here the LEO for this area has a lot of territory to cover.  I also have never had a complaint about this enforcement.  It is important to have a law enforcement person present at events and in the area to prevent any opportunity for unlawful activity.  Enforcement protects the good folk's right to ride.
G10-01-14-P01     $72,000    Motion Creek Crossing Planning    Same as above
Recreation Outdoors Coalition strongly supports this grant request.  After 9-11 the best route to the Shasta-Chappie OHV Area across Shasta Dam was closed to the public for months.  BLM began work on another access and over the years has done a good job creating an alternate route.  However, Motion Creek was always an obstacle to a smooth route into the northern side of the OHV area where the campground and training area are.  If there was a lot of rain it was nearly impassable and dangerous.  This bridge will complete the last leg of providing a good route for access to the areas that are so popular to the public. [Sylvia Milligan - 3/25/11]

I am writing to submit comments for four grant requests submitted by the BLM Redding field office.

These comments are written on behalf of the Redding Dirt Riders, a non-profit organization of 120+ active members founded in the early 1970’s. Our club played a major role in the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area’s creation and continues to support the ongoing efforts to evolve the area into a premier destination in Northern California. Our club’s mission is to further our sport, and we feel these grant applications are aligned with our mission.

We have reviewed and support the following grant applications and request that these grants be considered for approval:

  1. G10-01-14-A01, a land acquisition grant request to purchase private property in the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. These land acquisitions follow the long-term goals of the OHV area’s original plan. The OHV area is a “checkerboard” of various land owners and purchasing private land that will be added to the existing BLM holdings will be beneficial. We fully expect these areas will be utilized to expand and preserve recreational opportunities in the OHV area. Please approve this grant request.
  2. G10-01-14-G01, a ground operations request for continued operation, maintenance and management of the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. These grant monies will be utilized to fund the work that BLM Redding does in this OHV area. We witness the results of this work first-hand and fully support the efforts of BLM to keep this area open, safe and enjoyable.  Please approve this grant request.
  3. G10-01-14-L01, a law enforcement grant request for the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. We feel that responsible OHV use requires law enforcement to prevent unauthorized and unsafe practices. This area is heavily used by families and safety is a priority. Unauthorized use is a black eye on our sport and we feel strongly that law enforcement is required to curtail negative views of our sport by the public. Additionally, BLM is now tasked with managing and policing a campground that is adjacent to the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area and used primarily by the OHV community. Please approve this grant request.
  4. G10-01-14-P01, planning for enhancement of the existing Motion Creek crossing in the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. We have requested that BLM study a safer crossing of this creek and we support use of these monies for this project. During the winter months this creek is swift and daunting to the majority of users that wish to utilize trails and areas on either side of this creek. We have long felt that a bridge or other revised crossing would serve to make this crossing easier, safer and reduce the impact on the watersheds in this area. Please approve this grant request.

On behalf of the Redding Dirt Riders, I would like to extend our appreciation of the efforts of BLM and the role they play on our events and recreation in our area, and throughout the areas in and outside of California. It seems their management of public areas is always superior when compared to other agencies. We feel strongly that BLM is a true partner in our effort to keep the OHV sport alive and growing. Their management of the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area is remarkable and these funds, we feel, could not be spent more wisely.

To the CA Parks staff, we appreciate your efforts to fend off the state’s efforts to misappropriate OHV sticker fees. We gladly pay these fees with the belief and expectation that they will be “given back” to us in the form of OHV recreational opportunities. We feel the above grant requests serve to fulfill our expectations. [Karl Hankins - 3/21/11]

Please consider this Grant request a high priority, and fund this request.

Due to the historical “checkerboard” pattern of public/private land allocation, there are many parcels in the Shasta Chappie OHV area that are privately owned. This causes many issues, including:

  1. Many of the main trails pass through privately owned parcels, and the owners could shut down access to these trails at any time, effectively shutting down the entire OHV park.
  2. The BLM cannot maintain the trails along those portions that run across private land, which creates issues of erosion, unauthorized trail creation, blocked trails (when trees or other obstacles fall across the trails), and other ecological issues.
  3. Creation of new trails, or opportunities to connect existing trails to make full loops, are lost as these new trails cannot be cut in across private parcels.

Although I am normally opposed to the Government purchasing private land, this case is unique as it opens up opportunities to enhance and better maintain the Shasta Chappie OHV park. The recent land swap from the Forest Service to the BLM in this OHV park has created possibilities to open up new trails and simplify maintenance. These possibilities are in jeopardy with the many parcels of private land throughout the area.

This grant will allow the purchase of two specific parcels that are key to keeping the main OHV trail system intact, in addition to continuing the maintenance of the park, enforcement of the law, and development of a safer, more environmentally friendly creek crossing at Motion Creek.

Again, please consider this grant a high priority, and fund this completely. [Russel Smith - 3/20/11]