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BLM - Eagle Lake Field Office

Please find attached a letter of support from Lassen M/C for the OHV grant request submitted to the State by the Eagle Lake Field Office, BLM.   Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this process and provide input.  [KC Pasero - 4/4/11]

What is the size of this proposed acquisition?  Where is it in relationship to the present SRMA?  The proposal states there will be ONE additional trail in the future but I would like to see a map showing location of this parcel and have the map show where the future proposed trail route will be. How many miles of new trails are proposed?   It is hard to justify taking property off the tax rolls without seeing a conceptual plan for the proposed area. 
In general I am very supportive of this grant and like the match but I would like to have a better understanding of what the public will gain here.
G10-01-08-D01    $41,170  Development - Fort Sage SRMA  FY11  Contacts same as above.
Recreation Outdoors Coalition supports this grant to replace the potty and kiosk at the riding area at Fort Sage and place new gravel in an enlarged parking area.  The present potty is in sad shape and outdated.  We support this grant request.
G10-01-08-G01    $34,800   Ground Operations - Fort Sage  SRMA  FY11    Contacts same as above.
Recreation Outdoors Coalition supports this grant request.  This area of BLM land is set aside for the purpose of providing a variety of riding opportunities.  There are hill climbs and rolling hills that provide a range of opportunities.  This area also provides a variety of recreational opportunities without conflict.  Routine maintenance of this area keeps this type of recreation where it is appropriate.
G10-01-08-L01     $28,889  Law Enforcement - Eagle Lake Field Office  FY11    Contacts same as above.
Recreation Outdoors Coalition supports this law enforcement grant as written.  This officer covers a lot of area and helps keep illegal use to a minimum.
G10-01-08-R01    $215,900   Restoration-Wilderness Study Areas FY11   Contacts same as above.
Recreation Outdoors Coalition does NOT support this grant as it is in a wilderness area where OHV use is not allowed.  ROC does not believe there is enough illegal OHV use to warrant this action.  IF a problem does exist there needs to be more time spent on educating the public as to where they can ride.
I emailed for further information but did not receive a response.  I am sending these comments in with the information I have. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair, Recreation Outdoors Coalition (ROC) - 4/1/11]

The following is my comment for the OHV Grant request.

This section, “Project Cost Estimate, DIRECT EXPENSES, Other-Law Enforcement Officer, Notes : WSA patrol and user education” contains a funding request for Law Enforcement. The LE funding request should be removed from the Restoration funding application. Funding for LE should be from the LE category, where a very similar fund request has already been entered.

Application: Law Enforcement - Eagle Lake Field Office
The planned expenditures will allow the BLM Law Enforcement officer and staff to educate users, enforce rules and regulations and monitor for OHV intrusions into the Wilderness Study Areas (WSA), Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) and designated OHV areas.

Thank you for considering my comment. [Bruce Brazil - 3/17/11]