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Trinity County Resource Conservation District

Please see attach comments regarding the TCRCD restoration grant proposal to the OHMVR Division. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you wish to further discuss these comments. [Alicia Young  - 4/4/11]

After reviewing this grant and being familiar with their last years grant we absolutely do NOT support this grant.  I contacted this group last year asking questions about their grant and I never did get the requested information.  These funds will be used to augment the Shasta-Trinity NF's budget to decommission roads.  Has NEPA been done that allows these funds to close these roads?  NEPA MUST be completed before any ground disturbing activity takes place.  There is no proof that OHV is the cause of erosion here.  To protect the watershed is not the purpose of GS funds.  The Clean Water Act would be a better place for this group to apply.  Did this group provide maps showing where this proposed project will occur?  The referral to the ROD for the STNF does not cut it as it does not specifically provide the information needed to determine where this work will be completed.  We STRONGLY do NOT support this grant. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/25/11]

Why hasn’t the Shasta-Trinity NF applied for restoration funding?

The Grant Request does not describe which roads will have the restoration work done to them.

The applicant does not appear to know the difference between off-highway travel and Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV). That may be because the land manager, the Shasta Trinity NF, states that ALL vehicles are allowed on their forest roads.

From their Motorized Travel Management web site:

The decision designates those roads and trails open for motorized use on the forest. It does not close any part of the existing NFTS, which provides over 4000 miles of roads open to all vehicles and more than 85 miles of motorized trails.

The following statements are NOT true.

C. Describe the size of the specific Project Area(s) in acres and/or miles
Currently 5,161 miles of forest roads are open to motorized travel of which 4,013 are available for high clearance vehicles and OHV use. 74 miles of motorized trails are open to OHV use.
Following the implementation of the Motorized Travel Management Program, OHV roads will increase to 4,034 miles and OHV trails will increase to 85.14 miles.

OHV travel is NOT allowed on the 4,013 miles of forest roads.

California Motor Vehicle Code 38012.
(a) As used in this division, "off-highway motor vehicle subject to identification" means a motor vehicle subject to the provisions of subdivision (a) of Section 38010.
(b) As used in this division, "off-highway motor vehicle" includes, but is not limited to, the following: (1) Any motorcycle or motor-driven cycle, except for any motorcycle which is eligible for a special transportation identification device issued pursuant to Section 38088.
(2) Any snowmobile or other vehicle designed to travel over snow or ice, as defined in Section 557.
(3) Any motor vehicle commonly referred to as a sand buggy, dune buggy, or all-terrain vehicle. (4) Any motor vehicle commonly referred to as a jeep.

Under Evaluation Criteria, all entries for “1. OHV Visitor Opportunity Summary must be changed to reflect Off-Highway Motor Vehicle use, NOT off-highway travel.

Detailed commentary as to where the matching funds would be coming from would be helpful.

Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/10/11]