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Cache Creek Conservancy

I find the grant request by the Cache Creek Conservancy lacking in almost every aspect. As a fellow resident of Yolo County, I see little to no outreach done by the Cache Creek Conservancy to support legal OHV riding areas, which would serve to provide an appropriate place for OHV enthusiasts to enjoy their sport. I find little to no evidence of any appreciation of the importance of OHV recreation by the conservancy, I only see a great willingness to take money generated by OHV activity and enthusiasts.

It's not enough to claim that all the problems in an area are caused by OHV recreation, and to paint OHV activity in a negative light.

Much of the work the Conservancy is asking the OHV community to support has little to nothing to do with OHV activity, it is work to "control non-native grasses" and other such actions unrelated in any capacity to OHV activity.

It is disingenuous of the Conservancy to ask for monies generated by OHV enthusiasts and activities while discouraging Yolo County from developing legal OHV opportunities.

I request that this grant not be awarded to the Cache Creek Conservancy, and furthermore, request that the Cache Creek Conservancy work with the OHV community in Yolo County to solve any supposed issues before taking money from the OHV Trust Fund. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

I am submitting the following comments on the grant application of the Cache Creek Conservancy for GCA-10 for the mitigation of damage that is being done by illegal or improper use of OHV's within the Cache Creek watershed of Yolo County.

I apologize that I am submitting my comments literally on the eleventh hour of the last day of the comment period, but I did not want to miss giving my support towards this critical environmental issue.

The ten acres my wife and I live on is situated along Cache Creek, not far upstream of where it passes under Interstate Highway 5. I happen to serve on the Cache Creek Conservancy Board of Directors, and also I am the current chairperson of the Projects Committee.

One of our highest priorities is to limit OHV use that is causing ongoing damage to the watershed, as well as undertake restoration of areas already damaged. We simply do not have the resources to deal with the level of this problem and must depend on grant funding to assist our efforts.

I can tell you that there are many days where I can hear the motorcycles and four-wheelers down in the creek channel, racing up and down stream, sometimes even when the creek bed is not dry. Just downstream of our property, and on the other side of the stream, there are clear signs of erosion along the bank from OHV use.

The Conservancy is well-suited to administer a grant, such as this, based both on past performance of projects, plus staff expertise.

And, just as importantly, the Conservancy has a current database of private landowners that would be affected, and has a good working relationship with these landowners from past and current projects within the watershed. In addition, the Conservancy already has a good working relationship with the Lassen County's Sheriff Department's OHV enforcement program personnel.

I ask that you give this grant application a positive consideration so illegal and damaging OHV use can be mitigated and a valuable California watershed be protected for future generations. [Frank H. Goddard - 4/4/11]

Please see attached for comments from Teichert Aggregates regarding the Cache Creek Conservancy's grant application.  [Brian King - 3/25/11]

I am very familiar with the Cache Creek Conservancy, having lived in Yolo County for 14 years and having a keen interest in the outdoors, conservation, and native plant systems.
For years, through my acquaintance with landowners and involvement with the conservancy, I have been aware of trespass onto private property by OHV users and the damage done in many areas along the banks of Cache Creek as a result. This project, which provides for measures to prevent future damage and will stabilize and revegetate areas already damaged, is needed in order to protect the creek banks and return them to a more healthy state.

The Cache Creek Conservancy has years of experience in restoring land adjacent to the creek and is highly qualified to implement this project. The staff maintains strong, positive working relationships with the landowners along the creek and through these relationships will multiply the funding through in-kind and other match.  They have also been working closely with the County of Yolo and the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department on addressing these issues to ensure effective implementation from a law-enforcement standpoint.

Please support this important project, which is an investment in the health and stability of a locally and regionally important natural and recreational area, and is a necessary step in taking action toward prevention of illegal and damaging use of OHVs. [Jeanette Wrysinski - 3/23/11]

The following are my comments for your OHV Grant funding request.

The funding for this project is very top heavy for “Staff” compared to the actual work to be done. Only 40% of the requested funds would be used for actual restoration work. That is not an efficient use of OHV funds.

Program Expenses
Grant Request:
Staff $37,310
Contracts $14,450
Materials $7,722
Items in “Others” don’t show relevancy to OHV use but are being used as Matching Funds.

Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/10/11]