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Nevada County Sheriff's Office

As secretary of the Red Dog-You Bet Association, I have been authorized to write to you in support of a State grant for monitoring OHV activity in Nevada County, the Red-Dog/You Bet neighborhood in particular.  Our neighborhood borders the west end of 1100+ acres of mining diggings which have been the draw for illegal OHV activity/trespassing for (at least) the 30+ years this association has been in existence. Surrounding the 1100 acres are Tahoe National Forest and BLM properties, which have fortunately been closed to OHV activities. In the past we've been plagued by extreme noise, trespassing, and personal threat as we've had to deal with "the situation" on our own. The OHV grant to fund patrols in our locale has made an enormous difference in our lives.  With the grant, we enjoy the peace and tranquility we (500 of us) all moved here for.  And we're most appreciative!

We're hopeful that the funding might actually be increased this year. A lesser amount has not been sufficient to fund spring and fall Sheriff patrols, and our most beautiful times of the year are still earmarked by illegal OHV intrusion.

Because it documents our historic difficulties, I have attached the original 2006 Association resolution in support of closing the neighborhood to OHV traffic and shooting on BLM lands.

Thanks very much for your assistance. [Rita Jennings - 3/11/11]