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Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation

The following are my comments for your OHV Grant funding request.

This OHV Grant request seems to be top heavy in management expenses compared to the actual work to be done. This is not an efficient use of OHV funds.

Grant request

Other-OHV Coordinator $41,600, plus Other-Restoration Manager $43,680, equals $85,280. The total OHV Grant request is $160,523.00. Less than half of the requested funds would actually be applied to physical restoration.

Also under Program Expenses, Contracts, lists Other-Site Monitor for 2080 hrs but the narrative says “Notes : The project-sponsored Site Monitor will be on the project area 20 hours per week”. That’s only 1040 hrs.

Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/10/11]