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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

I am in complete favor of this grant being approved for the Palmdale Sheriff's Station ORV enforcement team.  I live in a rural area, sparsely populated and with rolling foothills in a community named Juniper Hills.  Unfortunately, it is also a favorite area for dirt bike motorcycle riders who have been a major problem here for decades.  I have experienced that many of these riders have no respect for private property and will eagerly destroy signs, fences and vegetation.  Some have even threatened violence when residents have asked them to not trespass.  When the Palmdale ORV enforcement team started patrolling this area in 12/2009, the trespassing and destruction of property problems were nearly eliminated.  I am sure that local and out of area dirt bike riders would quickly return to this area if law enforcement is eliminated.  That is why the ORV enforcement patrols must continue. [John Parsons - 3/9/11]

Hello I would like to comment about the appropriation of grant money to help fund off highway vehicle areas within the state of California. As a responsible off-road vehicle enthusiast I have first hand seen the closures in several ohv areas that seem particularly unwarranted. Take the Jawbone and Dove springs ohv areas  as an example: That riding area has turned into basically a fire road. There used to be some really good trails and hill climbs that are now effectively closed. I understand that these riding areas need to be conserved but full public land closure isn’t the answer. I ride a dirt bike and I constantly feel under attack for something that my family and I have enjoyed for the last twenty years. I personally have been a member of the American Motorcyclist Association for the last few years. This organization constantly tries to educate the public about using appropriate mufflers and respecting the few open places to ride that we still have. I have also patronized the Hungry Valley OHV, Pismo Beach, areas for many years. These areas to ride are getting so restricted now that I feel they have become dangerous. Finally I would like to comment about the fact that we as OHV enthusiasts pay some hefty registration fees. To watch the areas we and our families have grown to love either shrink or all out disappear is a slap in our face.  As a side note I have a 18 month old son and he constantly walks around the house carrying his toy dirt bike saying momo.(toddler slang for motorcycle!) This is a passion for us and I feel that this is not understood among the general public. Please help keep our riding areas open for many generations to come. [Erik Kott - 3/8/11]