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Rescue 3 Inc.

I want to thank you for the valuable service you provide to District 37 as a group and to my family.  During my third race in 2008 I crashed hard and broke four ribs and knocked the breach out of me.  I had several riders behind me stop to help.  They stopped to check on me and were deciding on a plan of action.  Within minutes after the crash and before anyone had left to get help, a Rescue 3 worker on a motorcycle following the course arrived.  He was able to contact the command post and relay my information and status back.  My family at the race was notified of my situation.  After 25 minutes or so, I could breath normally and was able to work my way back to camp with three riders and Rescue three following me.  Fortunately I did not need emergency care.  My wife was able to take me home to our urgent care facility.

My wife and son now both race with me in the desert.  Having Rescue three on hand for the races helps in my peace of mind knowing they will be there as first responders should anything happen.  They can quickly call for additional emergency personnel if need be.

Thank you again for your support and service to the off road community. [Mark Ogaz - 3/29/11]

I am sending this letter in regards to the grant funding request from Rescue Three. I have worked with their administrative staff on several occasions and with their field crew personnel both with professionalism in what they do. For the administrative side, they regularly advise us of upcoming races, they provide GPS coordinates and radio frequencies. They are well prepared and plan for any emergency that may occur to better serve the individuals that are enjoying the use of your parks and  connect with the EMS providers that may be needed. In regards to the field personnel, my interaction with them has always been perceiving  the upmost in professionalism. They have patient care in mind and are cautious not to overuse or abuse resources which I believe is something that is wanted when representing the welfare of the individuals of the great state of California. At the same time they don’t hesitate to utilize an asset such as Mercy Air if the  patient’s condition permits in the best interest of patient care. In my experience with Rescue Three upon arrival at a scene with their crews a professional patient report has been provided and the patient is packaged as appropriate and ready to go to eliminate any unnecessary additional scene time. [Brandon Lang RN CFRN - 3/26/11]

We at Mercy Air have had the pleasure of working with Rescue three on several occasions in the off road riding areas of the San Bernardino county.  Rescue Three always keeps us in the loop about upcoming events, location, and times. They are very organized and have great preplans set up for LZs for us. When we know that Rescue Three has set up an LZ for us we can pretty much rest assured that a complete preplan has been done with the LZ, and that it is free of any potential hazards to our AC. Communication between us and Rescue three has always been great, and I have not had an issue with communication to this date.

As far as patient packaging and preparation for airlift goes, Rescue Three does an excellent job of packaging the patient getting a baseline for the patient and caring for and treating any life threatening injuries the patient may have.  Due to the rural setting in which some of these events take place it is great that Rescue Three is there to find, stabilize, and give a pinpoint location to advanced care so that there is not any delays in patients getting to definitive care. Once again we at Mercy Air have never had any issues with Rescue Three, and look forward to continually seeing them at these events. This is a great organization and they are the first link in the chain of survival  for the critically injured patient at these off road events.

Should you need any further information about the value we a t Mercy feel about Rescue Three, my contact information is listed below, feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks. [Jason C Johnston EMT-P - 3/24/11]

About 25 years ago Rescue3 retrieved my son Matt Shook from the desert from near Cougar Buttes and transported him to Apple Valley Hospital  where a Doctor Kiplinger worked on him and he was transported to Hawthorne Hospital where he spent 3 weeks with a broken leg and separated hip. Thank God for Rescue 3 as he would have lost the leg if not for them. [Jack Shook - 3/24/11]

Rescue Three has been a source of safety for all of the desert racing community for years. They are the ones out on the front lines serving both the racers and there families. I personally have been helped on several occasions throughout my 30 years of racing. With the high cost of fuel and other items pertaining to there overhead they need all the help they can get. Please look favorably upon any requests they may have for funding in the near future. Thank You.  [Lindsay Smith - 3/23/11]

Rescue 3 is an important part of our race program. We, Dirt Diggers Motorcycle Club of Southern California, appreciate the service Rescue 3 provides to our riders, our club members, and spectators at our event.

I, Roger Beedon DDMC Referee 2009, 2010, and 2011 have witnessed rescue 3 helping riders with dehydration, getting them to drink liquid, water, Gatoraide, or fruit juice. Riders who have fallen down come to them to be check out, Rescue 3 looks them over and tells them to see the ambulance, and some times takes them to the ambulance. Rescue 3 goes out on our course to watch and be ready to help when needed, have come upon an emergency, where an ambulance was needed and made the call. The rider was taken to the hospital and under doctor’s care. I am talking about 20 miles from our camp and race headquarters. It makes my job a lot easier!

I still have to do my paper work and must be contact with Rescue 3 command post. I have always had good repose with all members of Rescue 3! Thank You. [Roger Beedon - 3/23/11]

I have witnessed your efforts many times at Johnson Valley and hope that you receive the grant funds that you so desperately need. [Chris Silva - 3/23/11]

One minute in 1985 I was riding my 1985 Husky 500 dirt bike in the In the Johnson Valley the next thing I know Rescue 3 was answering my repeated questions.  Rescue 3 found me wandering in Johnson Valley wearing a broken helmet, concussion, broken hand and broken collar bone.  Without Rescue 3 help I might not be here to write this e-mail. [Don Burch - 3/23/11]

I had the privilege of being a District 37 desert racer in five decades, from 1969 through 2001.  Off road motorcycle racing is an inherently dangerous sport.  Fortunately, I needed help from Rescue 3 only a few times, but on those occasions their help was indispensable and left me feeling very grateful. Rescue 3 personnel are unpaid volunteers and the grant funding they so richly deserve will all go towards equipment and supplies. [Ray Waldbaum - 3/22/11]

Rescue 3 has provided over 40 years of service to the OHV community, the service they provide is invaluable. Their service requires specialized equipment, expert knowledge and unfaltering dedication – no other similar organization possesses these criteria. Rescue 3 have come to my assistance and also to many of my friends assistance in the past, in many of those instances Rescue 3 were able to manage incidents that would otherwise have become an serious emergency necessitating involvement of 911 services. Consequently, in my opinion Rescue 3’s participation in the OHV community saves public money and avoids tying up valuable public emergency service resources.  It is a great relief to know that Rescue 3 is ready to assist me and my family. Their request for grant funding should be approved to the maximum extent possible. [Greg McGrath - 3/22/11]

To Whom it may Concern, Rescue 3 has helped save,and treat  thousands of people over the 30 years that I been involved in Off road events on Public lands .Rescue 3 is truly a Top Notch and Legit Source of Expertise in 1st responders for Medical aid as well as Desert Recovery. Rescue 3 has in my experience shown year after year to have the Total Dedication, Knowledge and Awareness that is unparalleled by any other source of Desert Rescue especially in So Cal. Rescue 3 also has a  Great Communication savvy. Thank You. [Max Eddy - 3/22/11]

I want to thank and praise rescue theree.They helped me following a motorcycle racing incident where I hit a large rock and destroyed my right hip. I am convinced that with out their excellent treatment the out come would not have been as good.the incident happened June 13,2010 in Johnson Valley at the Racers Under the Son Dual European scrambles. I am almost totally cured the fake hip is swell. rescue three was on the scene in minutes and gave excellent first aid treatment.They are Angels. [Tom Edmonds - 3/22/11]


My name is Darrell Caddy.  My son and I joined AMA District 37 in 2008 and began desert racing.  These are really fun desert rides my son and I do together.  For the small price of an entry racing entry fee, we can go on some awesome rides within these AMA organized events and feel safe knowing Rescue 3 is there should something go wrong.  In my last letter supporting the grant, I gladly never needed the support of R-3.  Last year my son hit a rock with his left boot ripping it wide open scraping off much of the flesh from the top of his foot.  While I was still riding the rest of the race, Rescue 3 tended to his injuries till I returned 2.5 hours later.  They gave me good medical advice and we were off to the ER. They also they cleaned and wrapped the wound.  Might sound ridiculous, but this is exactly why we race.  Any other type of weekend play riding is simply too dangerous with out the support of R-3.  Glad to say he is fine today and running first place in his class. Their not just here for the racers either.  I have seen everything from helping injured play riders from surrounding camps around the events, tending to an almost severed finger while a rider was loading his bike into truck, a 2 month old baby who fell through the mesh netting from the bed of their tent trailer onto the rocky ground because the Velcro was too week to hold, and most recently, watched them help save the life of a fellow racer we almost lost to a carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping in his trailer.  These ladies and gentlemen respond to anyone out there needing a hand and they are non-profit volunteers and paramedics who enjoy giving back to their community.

Last Sept. I spoke with one of the volunteers about signing my hi-school aged son up to help with the R-3 program.  He needs to acquire 40 hours of community service in order to graduate high school.  They were more than willing to put him to work.  I couldn't think of a better way for him to serve the community which he is a part of.  I feel the District 37 community and R3 is where he should serve these hours of "giving back".

Bottom line is, is that many of these volunteers are digging very deep into their own pockets in order to keep and maintain the Rescue 3 program. The cost  associated with maintaining their equipment is detrimental to thousand of people who attend or even get close to these events.  As such, the R-3 program has applied for a Grant in order to secure their survival.  I know these funds couldn't go to a better organization.  As a parent, we want to do things with our kids to keep them off the streets and away from violence and drugs.  This is how my family does it, and I am with my son riding and supporting his achievements.  We ride together, camp, talk, learn, listen and sit around camp fires to tell our racing stories.  This is my avenue of father son communication, and it works.  Rescue 3 makes sure we get back to work/school on Monday safely.  Please consider their needs to maintain a healthy program by offering them the Grant funds for which they have applied and I'll make sure my son is not robbing liquor stores for gangsters and drug money.  Thanks for listening. [Darrell Caddy - 3-15-11]

As a former desert racer of 30 years, I have needed the services of Rescue three to get me out of the race course a number of times, their invaluable service to the racing community is of such value that all the help they can receive is much appreciated. [Art Cossio - 3/14/11]

Thumbs up Rescue 3! You are  a vital part of the District 37 community, rider safety and communication. Fortunately  have not had to receive any major medical attention from you guys; however, I recently had two friends of mine receive care during events, and we all were grateful to have such a top-notch, volunteer organization at the ready.  I once stopped to help a downed play rider that was injured by the roadside on the way to Spangler Hills OHV Area prior to a race and knew that the Rescue 3 Command Post was not far away. I was able to get him into my truck and to the R3 CP and he received the same amount of care and attention that one of our own D-37 racers does. I went back to check on him and he was not in good shape; however, I told him that these folks are all volunteers and were there to ensure the well being of all, and that when he got a chance to donate to this organization since the majority of the funds  that were required to operate were directly coming out of the volunteers pockets and we need them to be around.

Thanks R3, with you guys on the spot, I know that many downed riders that have utilized your services are in better hands than most ER rooms.

I hope that I never have to meet you that way, but I have the utmost confidence that if I do, I will get the best emergency care possible.

Best regards and keep up the excellent work, we appreciate it more than you know. [Steve Bishop - 3/11/11]

I wanted to extend this late thank you to everyone at Rescue 3.

During the October 2010 shamrocks MC race I Had what was for me a very violent encounter with a large yucca bush. I went from about 50mph to 0 in two feet. While the extent of my injuries were a hyper extended left knee a free nose piercing from one of the yucca spines, the initial shock and pain was incredible.To my relief a member of Rescue 3 was on the scene within minutes to completely assess my injuries, calm me down an assure me.

After it was determined that I was not more seriously hurt, they transported me back to camp and even brought my bike back in for me. Thru out the rest of the weekend a member of Rescue 3 came by my camp to check on me.

I race 20 plus races a year. The assurance that the professionals of Rescue 3 are out there to take care of those of us in need is a good piece of mind to have when we strap on our gear and get ready to race.

Any Grant Aid that Rescue 3 receives actually benefits hundreds of others. From the casual rider to the full on racer, when Recue 3 is on scene during our events, we are all much safer.

I implore you to continue with any Grant Aid for this valuable and effective volunteer organization.

Thank you for all that you do! [Mark R. Crookston - 3/11/11]

I strongly recommend that you give Rescue 3 a grant. Rescue 3 helped me out at the Desert MC National Hare and Hound. They got there within minutes and ordered a chopper to take me to Loma Linda with a broken femur. Rescue 3 is the best!!! Thanks. [Andrew Sallenbach - 3/11/11]

Thanks for taking such great care of my buddy Bryan. He fell while play riding the same weekend as a National Hare and Hound Race. While I was racing, Bryan and some other friends went out for a play ride and Bryan became seperated from the group. As you know Rescue 3 happened upon Bryan who had fallen and broke his wrist. You folks at Rescue 3 patched him up and even put  a cast on him. The other riders were eventually reunited and got Bryan and his motorcycle back to camp.

Thanks so much for taking such good care of us racers and play riders. [Thomas Albright - 3/11/11]

About 4 years ago I was racing the Dirt Diggers Desert Scramble and while going down a very steep hill, high sided on the bike and dislocated my left shoulder in the fall.

I was laying in the path of the course on the downhill and in a precarious position. Luckily for me R3 was nearby (along with Grumpy) and they were able to move me out of harm’s way and call for a 4-wheel drive ambulance to take me out of there. I fully believe that racing any D37 event is much safer than play riding due to the fact of the R3 presence.

I always put money in R3 jar at every D37 race. [Richard Sideleau - 3/11/11]

These guys are great. At the Burro Enduro 2007 I was 15 miles into the race and broke my wrist.I managed to ride back to the last check and R3 was there to meet me. Took me back to thier "MASH' unit and splinted me up. Its reasuring to know these people are out there for us.

Thanks for all you do. [Paul Thoegersen - 3/10/11]

Rescue 3 has been an invaluable resource to my family.  My son and I both race District 37 races.  My son is in his second year of racing.  He started racing when he was 12.

Jake, my son, crashed last year during the Checkers Check Chase.  Rescue 3 was there to evaluate him.  They notified my wife and she was able to retrieve Jake and his bike.  I would not be able to race if Rescue 3 was not there.  My wife has a sense of security with Rescue 3 at the races.

Thank you to Rescue 3. [Charlie Powers - 3/10/11]

I have personally not needed the help and hope I never do, But I can race with confidence that if anything were to happen to me that I am in the best hands possible. I have witnessed first hand several cases that not only helped the individual but may have saved a finger in the process, and watched them help the president of my Club (SoCal MC) out of the desert with a badly broken wrist/arm.  What Rescue 3 does for D37 and OHV enthusiast is just plain awesome.  I make sure to donate some money each time I sign up for an event. These people are the true heros in the world, they spend their own money to come out and help those like myself do what we love in the safest way possible. I can’t thank them enough and hope to see them around for many more years to come. [Justin Shultz - 3/10/11]

I have had the pleasure of working with and around Rescue 3 on and off for forty years (their name is originally from CB channel 3 that they used to communicate back in the 70s). These people are top notch and extremely well prepared and professional. We can always count on their support at our AMA District 37 events.

I personally had an experience with their services a few years ago when my 20 year old son crashed his dirt bike at the start of a race in Red Mountain. It was his first ever race and his two brothers were also racing, we are in a motorcycle club called The Viewfinders. About 15 minutes after his start, while in the pits with our club, a call comes over the radio that a racer on the beginner line is down, they never use names on the radio for privacy reasons, but the downed rider said, “my brother is a Viewfinder”. I quickly realized this had to be my son as I was the only one there with multiple children racing. So over to the command center I go (we all know that’s the place to go to find out what’s going on) only to find my son on a backboard being attended to by an EMT, who was on the phone with Loma Linda Medical Center discussing the diagnosis, head injury. The decision was made to fly my son to Loma Linda and Rescue 3 sprung into action, coordinating the life flight and clearing the landing zone. I couldn’t imagine trying to cope with all this without the caring and professional manner that they conveyed. As it turned out he was fine and released from the hospital that afternoon, a concussion.

We all could not race like we do in the southern California desert without the services of Rescue 3, they are well deserved of any grant money that will help them continue to help us.

And I’ll be sure to put my donation in the jar this weekend, as always. [Donn Nay - 3/10/11]