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USFS - Cleveland National Forest

I request the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission strongly consider full funding for Grant Request G10-02-02-G02 (USFS Cleveland National Forest, Ground Operations-North).  At 30 to 50 miles, the Wildomar OHV Area is by far the closest lawful OHV riding opportunity available to residents of Orange County, whom make up a significant number of contributors to the OHV Trust Fund through ohv registration payments.  The only other alternative ohv riding areas require driving of 50 to 70 miles, and usually trips of over 100 miles.

California OHVMR Commission grant funding provided over the last few years has resulted in dramatic and obvious improvements to the Wildomar OHV Area.  Repair and maintenance of trails and facilities have noticeably increased, and along with increased on-site presence by Forest Service staff, have resulted in a much safer and enjoyable riding experience at the Wildomar OHV Area.  The grant funding requested to maintain this riding area should be approved. [J. Gentile - 3/9/11]