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San Bernardino National Forest Association

 G09-04-02-S01 - In general looks well prepaid and everything being asked for is more than reasonable, however looks like sound monitoring is not addressed in the scoring system so asking for them to add this wont increase the score, but I will say from personal experience the participant contact time is of 2 hours.
Would like to see enough money added to train 10 Volunteers that's 2 per 5 outpost to do sound testing, this would of course add about $2000 to the grant and would greatly augment the program's message.

Clarification Participant contact time is at least 2 hours or more, I know it's only one point but I do believe saying 1 1/2 to 2 hours is selling us short, the grant should get full points in the area. [Tom Tammone - 4/4/10]