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Placer County Department of Public Works

 I support this planning grant. Placer County worked well with Rubicon Trail users in 2001 on water bars when the Lahontan Water Quality Board rendered a Cleanup and Abatement Order – and subsequently withdrew it after successful planning and execution, led by Placer County’s Department of Public Works (PCDPW). DPW’s proven ability to plan, execute, and track grants on the trail, working with volunteers and local businesses to deliver excellent work on the trail.
I support PCDPW’s goals to keep the McKinney Rubicon Trail open for public use by preserving and enhancing the full range of experiences and historic character of this historic OHV trail, and by minimizing environmental impacts and encouraging responsible OHV trail use. Rubicon Trail users have a long history of trail maintenance and erosion-control volunteerism, have partnered with Placer County before, and stand ready to do so again. Though OHV trail-user volunteers have delivered the core of most every past maintenance effort, opportunity exists to expand volunteerism to the wide variety of recreational users that make use of the trail (four-wheel drive vehicles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, ATVs, hikers, anglers, campers, backpackers, snow-mobile users, cross country skiers, and show-shoe users).
Trail-user volunteers can work with PCDPW’s staff and engineers to document practical, best-known methods as they work together to develop a Habitat Management Plan, Soil Conservation Plan, Maintenance Plan, and Detailed Trail Map. Obtaining grant funding for a Senior Engineer, Admin Tech, Assistant Engineer, and Admin Secretary will help PCDPW catch-up on the planning efforts on the trail. I appreciate that the assistant professional resources make up most of the hours, saving the senior resources for consultation as-needed, and avoiding unnecessary grant costs. $75,000 for mapping consultation does seem steep, but as long as this goes through a multiple-bid process, I’m comfortable supporting this estimate at this time, as long as any remaining balance stays with OHMVR. Please provide more details on the Indirect Costs – I have confidence that PCDPW will operate fairly in this space, but I’d like more specifications.
Please re-score the Planning section of the grant application to add points for the following items:
* Question 2: Page 1 – check the following boxes
- - Potential effects of OHV Recreation on cultural resources (areas near Rubicon Springs have significant cultural heritage and improving barriers in these areas will decrease the likeliness of off-trail travel in these areas)
- - Potential effects of OHV Recreation on other recreation uses (the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the Placer County side of the Rubicon Trail, and hikers user the Rubicon Trail to access the Desolation Wilderness Area via Rockbound Pass (PCDPW’s planning process can support these secondary uses to the historic Rubicon Trail, which predates both secondary uses)
- - Potential effects of OHV Recreation on adjacent lands (PCDPW’s planning process should supports signage, mapping, and traffic measures to enhance appropriate use of adjacent lands via the Barker Pass OHV Trail, the Barker Pass Road, and roads that lead to Bear Lake, Duck Lake, Long Lake, Richardson Lake, and others)
- - Potential impact to relationships between OHV Recreation and local residents (PCDPW’s planning process supports signage, mapping, and traffic measures to create and maintain a traffic corridor from Highway 89, through the Tahoma subdivision, to the McKinney Rubicon OHV Staging Area)
* Question 2: Page 2 – push the radio button to the left of “6 or more items checked (4 points)”
* Question 8: Identification of Funding Sources – I suggest that you change this to add information something along the following lines: “Placer County will reach out to a variety of volunteers from varied sources, starting with Friends of the Rubicon, and will use the calculated value of their volunteer hours to match OHMVR’s grant funding to implement the completed plan.”
As well, please clarify in “Question 5: Stakeholder Input” that most volunteer hours will come from the Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) and that Rubicon Trail Foundation (RTF) will support them, but not provide the bulk of the hours. Supplementarily, I also suggest working directly with Jeepers Jamboree to document this year’s continuation of their more-than-half-a-century history of volunteering to maintain the Rubicon Trail. Together, these organizations should have be able to amass the hours for PCDPW’s proposed grant and the other various grants proposed for the Rubicon Trail. Adding a variant of this paragraph to the ‘Statement of Activities’ section of this Planning Grant will better detail the volunteer match and broad-base buy-in that this proposal has from trail users.
Please re-score the General Application Requirements section of the grant application to add points for the following items:
* Question 2: Quality of OHV Opportunity
- - Majority of trail intersections are signed with information such as: trail names, directional signs, relative difficulty, mileage to next feature (on the Placer County McKinney Rubicon Trail, the majority of the trail intersections have posted signage with trail names, and some also have directional indicators)
* Question 9: Website is ripe for collecting 5 points, as long as Placer County can post a webpage before the early-May deadline for grant completion. Rubicon Trail Foundation provided a detailed map of the trail to El Dorado County and could provide the same to Placer County. This map contains a map to location, locations of visitor facilities, and map of facilities, and it would be quick and easy for Placer County to additionally list the hours of operation and absence of seasonal restrictions / fee schedule (Rubicon Trail is open year-round with no fees), as well as Placer County DPW and Sheriff contact information, a link to the OHMVR Division website. This sort of quick, informational website could be put up simply and efficiently. Further information (such as information on responsible riding, safety information, and news releases) could be added later as time permits. [Randy Burleson - 4/3/10]