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Rescue 3 Inc.

 I have been a volunteer with the State Parks at Hungry Valley for a few years. I understand what it takes to care for the off road community. I am also one of the volunteers with Rescue 3.
I would only like to say that what Rescue 3 does is important for the off road community. These men and woman who volunteer do so at great personal expense. The equipment and supplies used are the best they can afford on their limited budget.
With this grant they will be able to improve their level of service and response time. This grant could even save lives. Their is nothing on your list that I can think of that is more important than saving a human life.
When someone is injured it is critical that they be in the hospital with the “Golden Hour”. Rescue 3 is a very important link to that "Chain Of Survival".
One of the things for you to consider is that what we do is done in the middle of nowhere. We offer a service that if we were not out there could only be performed at much greater expense to the injured or state as they would have to be cared for by air ship as the areas would not be accessible by ambulance or normal fire personal.
Since the courses can range from 20 miles to over 100 miles we need many volunteers to cover the area and be able to respond quickly. We would get more volunteers if it were not for the out of pocket expense that so many volunteers can't afford in this tough economy.
We need a way to encourage more volunteers and to give them the best equipment and supplies available so we can make a difference in the outcome of injuries within the off road community.
It is also worth noting that Rescue 3 never turns their back on injuries. We have worked many calls for off roaders injured in the OHV areas that were not affiliated with the races.
These are good men and women that give up their time and money to offer medical aid to those that need it while enjoying a sport that has been so much a part of California’s history. [Mike Grady - 4/2/10]

 Education and Safety for $75,000 . When you look at this grant and see the match of $238,000 you cannot help but admire the dedication of these fine folks who risk everything to help another Human being.   I just witnessed an incredible job by the Kern County Search and Rescue after my son and I brought in a rider that fell out in Jawbone and was laying in the middle of the trail.  After putting him on a make shift back board of our motorcycle ramp, (yes we happen to be in the truck, never done that before out there ) with his friends  and got him to camp and the work by Rescue team, Ambulance service and Mercy Air, you can see supplies being use all over the place.  This grant is necessary and fully support this for the safety of visitors in our desert.  [Ed Waldheim  "OHV activist for  access to public lands for all " - 4/4/10]