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The Living Desert

 Education and Safety  for $110,000    this is one of those grants that like all others relating to Desert Tortoise are self serving. In other words, you are asking from Money from OHV to keep your staff funded, your computers working, and all administrative work you can get out of the OHV program.   You utilize  Recovery plan as your "Golden rule" and frankly I am getting sick and tired of that because the DMG meets, spent's millions of dollars on the tortoise, but nothing on the ground to help the tortoise. They have yet to adopt a tortoise breeding program. " Why?  because they would find out that tortoise breed like rabbits and they all would be out of a job.  In city of Ridgecrest there are so many tortoises in homes, you could populate the desert DTNA with them and maybe then we could have some out there.  This frankly is not a good way to spend OHV dollars, it is a feel good grant.
I would give you if you feel so inclined ,  is Printing Coloring Books for the kids, and get things for the kids at schools, they are our new generation and it does not take $110,941 to do that.
This grant is over the top  and does not do the education where it is needed, on the ground where visitors are.  Another reason this is over the top it is coming from a county that has almost no OHV opportunity. We are the endangered species not the tortoise.  [Ed Waldheim  "OHV activist for  access to public lands for all " - 4/4/10]