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Tread Lightly!, Inc.

 I’ve sat in on segments of the Tread Trainer Train-the-Trainer course and worked with Tread Trainers in different capacities – the course is well-executed, and the Tread Trainers come out of it energized and well-equipped for outreach to OHV users. From the formal MOU signed between Tread Lightly! and federal agencies (Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, National Park Service, and Army Corp of Engineers), you can tell that the agencies agree that the TL! message is effective: outdoor ethics as they relate to OHV use.
The composite suite of multi-level trainings is effective and wide-ranging, with Master Tread Trainer Courses, Tread Trainer Courses, and Tread Lightly! Awareness Courses in the classroom, and Tread Lightly! Promotions and a Public Awareness Campaign outside the classroom. The TL! plans to tweak these courses, promotions, and campaigns to target Californian OHV users and communities specifically should make them even more effective to the California OHV community.
Tread Lightly needs to revisit the Evaluation Criteria, Question 6 – I’m certain that the curricula, promotions, collateral, and advertising campaigns were conceived with public and private input, and these values have been left blank. Please re-evaluate and re-score to pick up these evaluation points to compete even better with other grant proposals.
This grant application proposes continuation of well-planned, well-delivered training that we already know is well-received by users. Please fund this grant – it is a great deal, especially in the context of most of the other Education grant applications, many of which cost more but deliver less. [Randy Burleson - 4/5/10]

 I would like to comment on the Tread Lightly grant request for Education and safety.  This is a good grant that bring much needed training to California.  My only concern is that there is kind of a lot for overhead.  Nonetheless, it brings training to where it is needed. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/5/10]

 Education and Safety for $81,000   For years Tread lightly has been working in helping education and having materials for purchase. In other words you want materials you have to pay for it, even though it was probably developed with OHV money.  There is no telling how much money they have received over the years because OHV division does not have cumulative records of anyone's grant, thus to see if a grantee has been successfully or not, is very difficult to measure.
So from my personal knowledge I would say they are finally on track with a massive PSA program. this is a program that needs to be done on a state wide basis in California with PSA, Bill boards, and web site blast to the over one million OHV folks in the state of California, that is just Green Sticker vehicles, add to that   the over 5 million 4 x 4 in California.
As you can see, it is time to stop spending money on trainers, travel, etc etc, which to this date as per the grant has reached  3,800 individuals.  In other words you have been really spending your wheels and OHV money. 
It is time to re-direct this campaign to the masses, if it is not Tread lightly, then maybe NOHVCC or somebody, but the message has to get out.
"Stay on Designated Trails"   Nationally we are going to Designated trails, that means no off route travel.

"Know the rules of area you ride"  What is open riding what is designated trails
"Keep it quiet"  no open muffler
"Dress appropriately"  No tennis shoes, tank tops and shorts
"Know the rules of your vehicle" no two up on Quads,
These are the keys message that needs to get out to everyone in the united states. 
So frankly unless this grant starts covering the real issues, we are just wasting OHV dollars , OK what you have done in past, but it is time to move on. If not Tread lightly is a thing of the past. If we are going to keep access to our public lands, then we better educate the masses, not 3,800 individuals. 
We need to educate the "Willfully Ignorant."  [Ed Waldheim  "OHV activist for  access to public lands for all " - 4/4/10]