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Riverside County Sheriff's Department

 Law Enforcement for $125,000  This is a most difficult grant because it is not the fault of the Riverside County  Sheriff that their citizens do not have a place to ride, but that of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.   The fallacy of our grant program is that the institutional memory only last one year, neither the applicant nor the state requires an accounting what was received for the past 5 years and what has been accomplished with the OHV money. Each year agencies apply for money and there is absolutely no cross check for what you did last year.   Receiving 9,300 calls, what do you expect. 
Riverside County has received $78,164 in lieu money in last half of 06, then $49, 210 2nd have of 06, then
$112,702 1st half 07 and $46,389 2nd half. What have you done with the money form 06 to 09?
El Mirage OHV whitch is  in San Bernardino County receives 11% of its visitors from Riverside County? Why because Riverside County does not provide OHV opportunity.
This county with its size all the way to Blythe , you would think they would provide OHV opportunity to folks and not dependent on Forest Service, small Wildomar with  only few hundred aces, and BLM in Palm Springs which also provides hardly anything to visitors.  In other words Riverside County is a dry county as far as OHV is concerned
Every Law enforcement that provides opportunity to OHV in their county or City is always welcomed and gets our support letters, but to pay for no OHV opportunity, when you have thousands and thousands of resident who want the opportunity yet it is not provided, that now becomes a city issue, not OHV issues.
You spend millions in golf course, tennis courts, all other kids of stuff, but OHV that is a tourism boom in counties that accept and work with us, is totally ignored in Riverside County.
In fairness to you, I would support only what you received last year, however I cannot find the amount, it is not on the OHV web site, so we are all working from a blank sheet, same every year, no history of past monies for the public to make their sound judgment form. [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to public lands for all"  - 4/4/10]

 Every single Law Enforcement grant should have a commitment and focus to catch the "Willfully Ignorant" visitor.  We see every day folks doing what ever they want and they feel immune  because it is their feeling "there is no one around to catch me"    That has to change.  Yes, we have Green Sticker Violations, sound violations, and other normal day to day violations that by now should be all in compliance.  It is the "Willfully Ignorant " that does not abide by the rules of the areas they ride in, i.e. "Stay on Designated Trails " "Respect Private Property"   "Know the rules of area you are riding in "  be it Forest Service, BLM, City and County.  All of us can put pressure on the "Willfully Ignorant" but it is Law Enforcement that needs to focus their talent to those that want to ruin it for everyone.  We can not let them rule our destiny or how we are being portrait in the eyes of the public and government elected officials.   
The other area of grave concern is our children, we need to make sure that all children 16 and under on Quads have the proper certification. We need to make sure that they are properly dressed to ride, no tank tops, tennis shoes and short pants.   Parents need to be told of their responsibility in the strongest possible manner, ticket.  

Thank you all for working this very difficult issue.   [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to  public lands for all" - 3/28/10]