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California Trail Users Coalition

 Grant Application # G09-04-06-G01

I would like to fully support the grant request by the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest, a division of the California Trail Users Coalition. Although the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest is a fairly new division, they have already shown a tremendous commitment to the OHV roads and trails in the forest, and have exhibited a real dedication to the maintenance of OHV roads and trails, insuring future access in the forest.

There are a number of threats to continued access to OHV roads and trails due to the paucity of the Forest Service budget for maintenance. SotSNF has done the work that the Forest Service can no longer accomplish. It is critical that the use community, through the OHV trust fund, continue to support such worthwhile endeavors.

Considering the amount of volunteer labor, the grant request amount is actually very reasonable for the amount of on-the-ground work planned by SotSNF. For every request, there should be a cost/benefit analysis, however preliminary. In my analysis, the number of OHV enthusiasts and the sheer popularity of the trails planned for maintenance more than justifies the amount of the grant request.

Of the actual monetary amounts requested in the grant, the equipment expenditure is very modest considering the 4X4 quad, trailer and backhoe will be useful for many years, and represent a minor cost. The amounts requested for grant administration are also minimal.

Key to this grant request is the support of the Sierra National Forest, and the obvious high regard and appreciation they hold SotSNF. The match amounts from the forest indicate the shared collaboration in effect tin the forest.

I completely support this grant request by Stewards of the Sierra National Forest. [Amy Granat - 4/5/10]

 I'd like to offer comments in support of this application by the Stewards of the Sierra/ CTUC.
The Stewards of the Sierra have an effective volunteer program based on past performance.  The match is in the 50% range and volunteers are using not only their own time but also their own equipment for trail maintenance. They have offered training to the general public for chain saw and other required courses for working on the forest.
The Miami trails area needs a lot of mitigation work to remain open and this grant funding is directed at that area and other important routes on the Sierra.
The funding request is modest for a national forest, in the $35,000 range, and will provide good value due to the large volunteer effort ( 800 hours last year).
There is at least minor inaccuracy in the application, the Carnegie SVRA has never closed. [Bruce Whitcher - 4/4/10]

 See attached comments. [Chris Horgan - 4/4/10]

 I would like to comment on the California Trail Users Coalition Ground operations grant with the Stewards of the Sierra National Forest.  This is a wonderful type of partnership that is needed in more locations.  It takes a modest amount of money and puts it directly on the ground to improve OHV recreation for the users.  Please fund this grant completely and work to coordinate other partnerships like this in other OHV areas within the state. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 3/30/10]

 This application is for funds for the Sierra National Forest to do road maintenance.  If the these roads are Forest Service Level II roads they are multi-use roads used for other purposes then OHV.   The forest engineering division should be using their funds for road maintenance and not from Green Sticker Grants. [Tom Kaucher - 3/30/10]

 Everyone asking for Grant money does it with honorable intentions to manage our public lands , provide sustainable recreation and protect resources.  I agree with all of that and am not one to say "do not fund"  but there are exceptions from my point of view. 
In reviewing these grants for 2009/2010  It it is alarming how the % of actual work on the ground changes from one agency to another.  From experience I would like to see no more than 5% of the grant request for staff under Ground Operation go to management.   The key to sustainable recreation on our public lands are for our grant money to be spent on the ground.  
Every single grantee should be preaching "Stay on Designated Trail"   regardless what your job is, it is the responsibility of every person involved with OHV that this message has to pushed.
Every single grantee should encourage those that are law abiding citizens to put pressure on the "Willfully Ignorant" to change their way so that we can have a "Sustainable OHV recreation"  for future generations. 
Lastly I want to thank every single person involved in working on  OHV recreation for your time and dedication . [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to public lands for all" - 3/28/10]