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San Diego County Sheriff's Department

 Every single Law Enforcement grant should have a commitment and focus to catch the "Willfully Ignorant" visitor.  We see every day folks doing what ever they want and they feel immune  because it is their feeling "there is no one around to catch me"    That has to change.  Yes, we have Green Sticker Violations, sound violations, and other normal day to day violations that by now should be all in compliance.  It is the "Willfully Ignorant " that does not abide by the rules of the areas they ride in, i.e. "Stay on Designated Trails " "Respect Private Property"   "Know the rules of area you are riding in "  be it Forest Service, BLM, City and County.  All of us can put pressure on the "Willfully Ignorant" but it is Law Enforcement that needs to focus their talent to those that want to ruin it for everyone.  We can not let them rule our destiny or how we are being portrait in the eyes of the public and government elected officials.   
The other area of grave concern is our children, we need to make sure that all children 16 and under on Quads have the proper certification. We need to make sure that they are properly dressed to ride, no tank tops, tennis shoes and short pants.   Parents need to be told of their responsibility in the strongest possible manner, ticket.  

Thank you all for working this very difficult issue.   [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to  public lands for all" - 3/28/10]

 I would like to comment on the San Diego County Sheriff's OHV grant application.  First, to clear up some errors.  They mention a legal area for OHV as "Corral Canyon State Park with 12 miles of trails".  Corral Canyon is part of the Cleveland National Forest, not a state park, and has over 51 miles of trails.  There are also no legal trails on San Miguel Mountain or Orosco Ridge.  The grant did leave out the legal trails on Otay Mountain and on Black Canyon Road.  The grant mentions a SDCORET website that provides valuble information.  There is nothing of use to an OHV user on the site as of March 28th.  The grant says they produce and distribute an "off-road public education handout that provides the off-road community off-road laws, legal riding locations, and contact information".  I have never seen this, but if possible, would like to get some and help distribute through my community outreach work with CORVA and the San Diego Off-Road Coalition. 

I would like to thank the team for coming to Lakeside Off-Road Days last month as a form of public outreach.  Despite the rain we had fun and made a little money.
This grant asks for a reasonable amount of money and I hope the grant can be funded to help protect OHV opportunity in San Diego County. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 3/28/10]