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Yolo County Sheriff's Department

 Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Law Enforcement grant application by the Yolo County Sheriff's Department,

As an advocate for motorized recreation access, I recognize that adequate and effective law enforcement is one of the necessary tools needed to deter  illegal motorized activities. Yet, I would encourage the department to go one step further and encourage education among the local communities surrounding the problem areas, and also look to ensure that legal off-road riding areas exist within the county. I recognize it is not the job of the Sheriff's Department to supply local residents with legal off-road riding areas, but perhaps they could use their influence with the Parks and Planning divisions of Yolo County to designate legal off-road riding areas.

If illegal riding exists, it is one of the signs that the county needs legal riding areas to offer the resident of Yolo County. If we don't give people enough opportunities, and/or challenging opportunities, they will find them in areas that may not be appropriate.

As a resident of Yolo County, I support the grant request by the Yolo County Sheriff's Department, and trust they will use the funds wisely to ensure a balance of education and enforcement. [Amy Granat - 3/30/10]

 Every single Law Enforcement grant should have a commitment and focus to catch the "Willfully Ignorant" visitor.  We see every day folks doing what ever they want and they feel immune  because it is their feeling "there is no one around to catch me"    That has to change.  Yes, we have Green Sticker Violations, sound violations, and other normal day to day violations that by now should be all in compliance.  It is the "Willfully Ignorant " that does not abide by the rules of the areas they ride in, i.e. "Stay on Designated Trails " "Respect Private Property"   "Know the rules of area you are riding in "  be it Forest Service, BLM, City and County.  All of us can put pressure on the "Willfully Ignorant" but it is Law Enforcement that needs to focus their talent to those that want to ruin it for everyone.  We can not let them rule our destiny or how we are being portrait in the eyes of the public and government elected officials.   
The other area of grave concern is our children, we need to make sure that all children 16 and under on Quads have the proper certification. We need to make sure that they are properly dressed to ride, no tank tops, tennis shoes and short pants.   Parents need to be told of their responsibility in the strongest possible manner, ticket.  

Thank you all for working this very difficult issue.   [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to  public lands for all" - 3/28/10]

 I have comments with grant application #700298 (Sheriff seeking grant for off road help at Cache Creek in Yolo County).

I am a long time Willow Oak resident (about 38 years) and grew up riding motorcycles at Cache Creek. I have been utilizing the Creek for off road activities since 1978 and have seen many changes along the way.

Now days the Wife and myself enjoy hopping in our side x side, packing a lunch and taking our two dogs to the creek for a “harmless” day of playing fetch and swimming, If I read this grant correctly this could all come to a stop. I was told long ago that it is legal to be at the Creek but you had to cross private property to get there. Luckily since I have been a long time Willow Oak resident I have a number of places to enter the Creek “with” permission, still there is one issue where I have to drive on the pavement to my Creek entrance (about 1 mile). I would hate to see the Sheriff Department start patrolling down there and running people off because where will we go, there are not many locations to ride around here. Yes, I know there are people on ATV’s that go down there and destroy things but there also are people that park at Stevens Bridge, walk down to fish all while leaving a huge garbage mess (almost every time) and other people take stolen cars down there to strip them, that’s what irritates me the most. I’m not sure running people out of there is the answer to this but I do know something needs to be done.

On another note utilizing the green sticker funding for this I feel is wrong. I have a number of off road vehicles that have green stickers and would rather see the money stay where it belongs, at our riding parks (preferably Stonyford).

One more thing, what happens when one of “our” Officers gets injured while riding due to lack of inexperience (lawsuit)? I know that you will spend money training them to ride (money the County doesn’t have) but riding is not for everyone, it’s a passion we have and sometimes takes a little while to get good at. There must be a better solution here, lets try and come up a better plan, I would love to be involved (please call).

PS. Please keep me informed on how this all plays out, and if everything is still a go I’ll see you at the Creek. [Marty Johnson - 3/25/10]

 Yolo County has apparently applied for a grant to support a much needed OHV program.
I am the on the Cache Creek Conservancy Board of Directors and chairperson of the Projects Committee, although I am writing in support of this grant application as an individual Yolo County resident, who happens to live adjacent to Cache Creek.
On some days, the vehicle use in the creek bed sounds like a NASCAR race track and evidence of eroded stream banks is prevalent.
Unrestricted OHV usage has created both property and environmental damage. Like many local governments, I believe Yolo County lacks sufficient resources to adequately enforce existing regulations regarding the protection of public and private land, as well as environmental protection in this rural setting. Clearly, other crimes require higher priority.
Please give all consideration in reviewing the Yolo County grant application for OHV management and provide whatever funds are possible to assist in this valuable program. [Frank H. Goddard - 3/24/10]

 Thank you for working on this issue.  I have seen the problems OHVs cause along Cache Creek and fully support the Yolo County Sheriff Department’s application for this grant. [Tanya Meyer - 3/22/10]