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Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District

 I would like to comment on the Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District planning grant.  I had to read this grant carefully to figure out that in no way does this grant work to improve off-road recreation.  I saw no where in the grant any desire to look for areas to legally open for off-road use.  They mention “There are a number of legal and well-publicized sites, both public and private, where offroad activity is available, including the Wildomar OHV Park in the Cleveland National Forest, the Lake Elsinore Motocross Park, Cahuilla Creek Motocross Park, and Rynoland in Anza”.  Wildomar is a tiny area with only 4 miles of trails, the others mentioned are motocross tracks on private property.  Not exactly a bonanza of opportunity.  They are looking for $27k to study possible future restoration sites, yet have no interest in finding legitimate areas to recreate.  I don’t see how this grant will help motorized recreation. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/5/10]

 As a concerned citizen, I would like to add my comments regarding the EMARCD application to the California State Parks, Off-Highway Vehicle Motor Vehicle Recreation Division, for a Planning Grant. 

I live near some of the 56 parcels in question and have been witnessing the destruction of BLM property.  During hiking visits to some of the areas, the damage caused by off-road vehicles is apparent.  Vegetation is mowed down and ruts are carved into the hillsides.
Erosion is caused by the compromise of these hillsides and silt and sand flows down and through adjoining communities leading to the destruction to habitat. 

Solutions to these problems need to be addressed, and a grant could fund a project for this purpose. [Tressa Coco - 4/5/10]

 I am writing in FULL SUPPORT of EMARCD's application to investigate negative environmental impacts on private and public lands.  OHV activity has been a nuisance in Wine Country in the areas of erosion, excessive and unrelenting noise, unhealthy levels of dust, and aggressive behavior by the OHV riders.
This is a very worthwhile study and should be granted. [Terilee Hammett - 3/29/10]

 I am glad that EMARCD has applied for the grant to study BLM land for motorized vehicle use. While I am in San Diego County, I see the places I once hiked be used by vehicles that BLM can't control and I feel it is unsafe to go there. Noise, dust, getting accidentally run over- not to mention what it is doing to this beautiful land. I'm hopeful your work in this will spread to San Diego as well help your areas. [Nina Karavasiles - 4/2/10]

 I support the EMARCD's request to the State OHV Commission for a grant to evaluate negative environmental impacts caused by OHV activity on BLM land as well as on nearby properties.
OHV activity in or near residential properties has become an enormous problem.  They ride on our roads, create unsafe conditions, the noise & dust is horrendous, they trespass and make it nearly impossible for others to enjoy non-motorized activities such as hiking & horseback riding. It is a very destructive activity and is a fire hazard.

Thank you and hope you are sucessful in obtaining this grant. [Theresa Fogarty - 3/31/10]

 The following are my comments for the OHV Grant funding request.
No where in the grant funding request could I find an indication that the BLM or other agencies had requested the information that would be generated or would consider using the information.

There is no timeline for the completion of the report.

4970.10.3. Planning
(d) Project-Specific Application Requirements
(5) A timeline for completion of all planning activities
Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/18/10]