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Nevada County Sheriff's Office

 This is a addendum to a previous  joint comment.

Since the closure of the Greenhorn steam bed at Red Dog Rd ford., which is under control of  Hansen Bros. Enterprise  (HBE),  the traffic which normally uses this county maintained road has, by default, been diverted to Buckeye Rd. a privately owned and maintained road  This situation has resulted in at least a 2X increase in all traffic on Buckeye Rd. almost all of it being vehicles carrying or towing OHVs or OHVs themselves. The dust in summer is intolerable and the increased traffic during the wet season has dramatically increased our maintenance efforts.  I have personally budgeted  $1000.00 for dust control and soil stabilization materials to treat 500 of the 700 feet of  Buckeye Rd. bisecting my 10 acre home site for the year 2010.  Our ad hoc neighborhood association is planning to spread 200 ton of material to about 0.7 mile of Buckeye Rd. all at considerable expense and effort to us. This has become necessary because of the increased traffic accessing TNF lands by the OHV community. When the TNF closes the so called open OHV  play area in the streambed of Greenhorn Crk. this closure will only be effective if it is policed.  The TNF doesn't have the capability or funding to enforce the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.  The Nevada Co.

Sheriffs Dept. is the ideal enforcement agency for this purpose since they can and will enforce county, state and federal law.  For example: 

The feds will not enforce the county prohibition against shooting  (Ord #1540 11/8/88) from half hour after sundown to a half hour before sunrise on TNF land whereas the NCSD will enforce this county prohibition on TNF land or properties within the TNF boundary's along with other public and private land.  The NCSD is ideally situated to provide the necessary staffing to  supplement enforcement capabilities for the .hopefully adopted "new"  TNF Travel Management Plan.  They would also be able to increase their patrols of adjacent county and private roads to enforce OHV regulations.

I encourage you to fully fund this grant to the NCSD so that we all can better  manage these public and private lands. [Chuck Schaefer - 4/4/10]

 I apologize that I was never able to negotiate the State Internet site where these comments were to be posted.  Please feel free to forward or copy this e-mail as appropriate.

On behalf of myself and my family, I again write to support a State grant for monitoring OHV activity in Nevada County, the Red-Dog/You Bet neighborhood in particular.  We live approximately 1/4 mile from 1100+ acres of mining diggings which have been the draw for illegal OHV activity/trespassing for (at least) the last 33 years that I have lived here.   At times we've been plagued by extreme noise, trespassing, and personal threat as we've had to deal with "the situation" on our own. Imagine, if you will, a 110 pound woman hanging onto three dogs while facing down a squadron of 14 quads racing down a County road.  That would be me.  Until and unless you fund our Sheriff's department adequately to patrol this area, the illegal and troublesome traffic becomes an escalating problem.  I'm 63 years old, and I've performed private-citizen OHV traffic patrol long enough.

Please send the Vehicle grant funding in our direction.  Since this grant has been in operation, our summers have gone from hell to the quiet country living we anticipated when we (approximately 500 of us) moved here.  I'm gratified to see that we might actually get more money this year.   The previous funding has not been enough to fund spring and fall Sheriff patrols, and our most beautiful times of the year have still be plagued by the noise and trespassing problem. [Rita Jennings, for The Jennings Family - 3/30/10]

 As long time residents of Buckeye Rd., Nevada County, we wholeheartedly support the OHV Law Enforcement Grant Application made by the Nevada County Sheriffs Dept. Buckeye Rd. is privately maintained and is used to access Greenhorn Creek now that the Red Dog Rd. crossing has been effectively closed. Over the years we have witnessed firsthand the type of illegal behavior that this grant hopes to curtail. Just about everyone on Buckeye has their own horror story of some type of run-in with a OHV user. With the pending closure of Forest Service land located at the Buckeye crossing of the Greenhorn Ck., the increased enforcement provided for in this grant couldn't come at a more opportune time. Efforts by the OHV community to police themselves have proved to be a failure.

We believe the increased law enforcement presence provided for in this Grant will go a long way toward curtailing the increased traffic and illegal activities along Buckeye and in the creek bed. This strategy has been proven to be effective as was demonstrated over the last two Martin Luther King Jr.("Winter Fun Fest" is held that weekend) holiday weekends among others. [Buckeye Road Committee:  Steve Sober, Chuck Schaefer, Carl Schori - 3/30/10]

 Every single Law Enforcement grant should have a commitment and focus to catch the "Willfully Ignorant" visitor.  We see every day folks doing what ever they want and they feel immune  because it is their feeling "there is no one around to catch me"    That has to change.  Yes, we have Green Sticker Violations, sound violations, and other normal day to day violations that by now should be all in compliance.  It is the "Willfully Ignorant " that does not abide by the rules of the areas they ride in, i.e. "Stay on Designated Trails " "Respect Private Property"   "Know the rules of area you are riding in "  be it Forest Service, BLM, City and County.  All of us can put pressure on the "Willfully Ignorant" but it is Law Enforcement that needs to focus their talent to those that want to ruin it for everyone.  We can not let them rule our destiny or how we are being portrait in the eyes of the public and government elected officials.   
The other area of grave concern is our children, we need to make sure that all children 16 and under on Quads have the proper certification. We need to make sure that they are properly dressed to ride, no tank tops, tennis shoes and short pants.   Parents need to be told of their responsibility in the strongest possible manner, ticket.  

Thank you all for working this very difficult issue.   [Ed Waldheim "OHV activist for access to  public lands for all" - 3/28/10]

 I looked a bunch of times and never find the Nevada County application an open link to comment.  Half dozen others but not yours.  So I will send this to you and the Sheriff Department and ask you to land it where it will help. 
The history of the Red Dog, You Bet and Chalk Bluff environment has been blighted for too many years by trespassing ATV'ers of every stripe.  Your officers know first hand what I mean, but on the positive side the incidence of intrusion has gone down substantially due to patrolling ATV officers who can follow off road when necessary. 
Five years ago the acreage next to my property lost 33 acres to a fire started by ATV partiers who rode away leaving the bill and the mess.  If that fire had gotten away, or even happened a month later when it was drier, I ask you, how much would that have cost the county?  Millions?  Your grant application is TOO SMALL in my opinion, but also vitally important to manage the safety of large property owners.  The lawlessness in the unincorporated areas of Nevada City and Grass Valley specifically caused by ATV'ers will escalate beyond your budgetary constraints if not contained up front, with enough Sheriff personnel on the ground to establish the "presence" of rule of law.  Otherwise ATV'ers do what they want.  There is a long, sad, and destructive legacy of uncontrolled ATV activity in this area causing property damage beyond many thousands.  Sheriff personnel riding ATV's themselves have changed the direction of this legacy toward the positive and made a huge difference.  The job is not yet done and your continued efforts are very important. [Randy Fuller - 3/17/10]