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Yolo County Parks & Resources Department

 I am writing as the President of Tuleyome, a regional conservation organization that seeks to protect the Northern Inner Coast Range and the Western Sacramento Valley for existing and future generation.  We have promoted numerous conservation and preservation projects in the region, including the recent addition of Cache Creek to the State Wild and Scenic River system, and the successful creation of the Federally-designated Cache Creek Wilderness.

As an environmental organization with over 2000 members, we strongly support Yolo County’s OHV grant application for the Rayhouse Road bridge replacement over Cache Creek.  Our support of this is based on the belief that destructive or illegal OHV use can only be prevented if riders are given access to legal riding areas.  The replacement of the bridge over Cache Creek is critical to allowing Yolo County riders access to the 15,000-acre BLM Knoxville OHV area, the OHV-legal Rayhouse, Lang’s Peak, and Fiske Creek dirt roads, as well as the Buck Island primitive campground.  Off-Highway travel to Buck Island also supports two commercial rafting concessions, which add economic benefits to Yolo County.

Without the bridge, OHV riders from Yolo County must travel 3 hours or more to reach the Knoxville OHV area.  Before the current low-water bridge was condemned and was open to vehicles, travel time was cut in half.  This increase in travel time means less incentive to go to legal OHV areas, and more pressure to ride on private property, illegally.  In addition, absence of the bridge access from Yolo County means emergency responders are unable to access the above recreation areas.  Hunters, most of which are using OHV’s, are also unable to access the areas behind the bridge, from Yolo County.

OHV users, hunters, and environmental groups agree: we need the bridge over Cache Creek to Rayhouse road. [Andrew Fulks, President, Tuleyome - 3/31/10]

 Application: Development Cache Creek Rayhouse Road Bridge

The following are my comments for the OHV Grant funding request.
The proposed project is to take place within the Regional Park. “The Rayhouse Road Bridge Development Project will take place at Cache Creek Regional Park in Yolo County.”
This park charges for entrance and camping. 
Neither the park nor the county offers OHV recreational opportunity.
In April, 2007, a representative from Yolo County presented a request to the California Biodiversity Council for assistance in establishing an OHV park in Yolo County. The Council agreed with the proposed project and to assist the county.
I feel that OHV Grant funds should be used for such a park and NOT county bridge/road repairs.
I request that this project NOT be funded with OHV Grant money.
Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/16/10]