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Solano County Water Agency Public Comments

 Putha Creek off road vehical restoration grant

I support the use of funds to restore the damage done by illegal use of off road vehicals in the Putha Creek water shed.

I also hope that funds will be allocated for arundo control along the creek. [Jonathan Hammond, AIA – 3-3-10]

 I am writing to support the application by Rich Marovich on behalf of the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee (LPCCC) for the restoration of OHV-damaged habitat.  The work proposed is consistent with our habitat restoration goals outlined in the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve Management Plan.

UC Davis has worked with adjacent landowners on controlling illegal OHV access to the Reserve and adjacent private lands.  We assisted our southern neighbor in construction of barricades to prevent trespass, worked with the Sheriff to cite trespassers, and have posted signs to inform visitors of the rules related to unauthorized vehicles.

This grant will help restore the damage done to the Reserve and private lands by unauthorized vehicle access.  Having worked with the LPCCC for the last 8 years, we have had much success along the creek, restoring habitat and helping reverse years of neglect.  We will continue to offer our support and access to our property to complete this latest project.  [Andrew Fulks - 3/1/10]