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San Diego County Sheriff's Department

Preliminary Application Comments

 On behalf of CORVA and myself, we have some serious reservations about the grant application submitted by the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

CORVA supports strong partnerships with law enforcement as one of the critical components of our goal to support safe and sane off-roading in California.

To that end, we generally support all appropriate Law Enforcement grant requests. However the San Diego County Sheriff's Department grant application includes a few questionable elements:

1. Their grant is asking for
• $64,000 in staff
• $30,000 for 2 trailers
• $40,000 for 4 quads
• $45,000 for 4 motorcycles
• $16,000 for administration and training
• $215,000 Total

Within San Diego County itself, there are only 4 legal OHV areas: Cleveland National Forest, BLM land, and on state land; Ocotillo Wells SVRA and Corral Canyon OHV Park.

The Cleveland NF and BLM have their own grant requests for law enforcement for areas within San Diego County, and in Ocotillo Wells SVRA and Corral Canyon OHV Park, grant money is not allowed to be used. Can the grant requests from the BLM and FS be analyzed along with the grant request for San Diego County to make sure that these three different Law Enforcement grants aren't being given for patrols in the same areas?

And, since San Diego County has no OHV recreation areas solely under its control, we question where the equipment in question is going to be used. Is the use only to be confined to the ORET program? Also, since there are no places to use quads in San Diego County except in the desert, we would like to know what the department is planning to do with the quads. The match is only $72,000 or 33% of the grant. This would indicate inadequate buy-in from partnerships with local OHV organizations associated and clubs.

CORVA recommends that the San Diego County Sheriff's Department review their grant request to remove references to grant money being used in state OHV areas, since this is no allowed under grant limitations, and that they pursue partnerships with local OHV enthusiasts. Partnerships with local OHV enthusiasts, clubs and organizations can result in greater volunteerism, thereby increasing the match dollars. [Amy Granat, CORVA - 4/6/09]