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BLM - Eagle Lake Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 Acquisition Grant #G08-01-08-A01, Ground Operations Grant #G08-01-08-G01, Law Enforcement Grant , #G08-01-08-L01, Restoration Grant #G08-01-08-R01

 On behalf of CORVA and myself, I would like to strongly support all the Grant requests submitted by the Eagle Lake Field Office. All land acquisition requests that will lead to increased and enhanced OHV opportunities in California deserve to be funded and supported, and the Eagle Lake Field Office needs to be commended for their plans to increase and improve the Fort Sage OHV SRMA.

Similarly, the Ground Operations Grant, Law Enforcement Grant and Restoration Grant requests all support the continued operations at the the Fort Sage OHV SRMA and surrounding OHV areas. All these grant requests are proportional to available opportunities, and the Eagle Lake Field Office should be commended for recognizing the importance of partnering with local OHV clubs.  [Amy Granat - 4/4/09]