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Desert Daisies MC, Inc.

Preliminary Application Comments

 I wish to voice my concern of this grant request.

The amount requested seems extremely high for the product they are looking to produce. there is no mention that the pamphlet would be handed out free of charge, or how many they intend on producing. No mention of how many pages they intend to be in the hamlet.

On the application it is stated in paragraph D - This Riders Etiquette Guide and Code of Ethics can be incorporated in all rider instructions and safety classes given throughout the nation. California OHV funds should not be used for training or pamphlets thatare for another state.

I question the amount of travel money 12487.00, why would so much travel be required?

The amounts listed under staff concern me.

In the project description he has written:
It is my intention to write a pamphlet of instruction of the do's and don'ts of off-highway use,... if he is the one writing the pamphlet, why is there 72,000 for a writer? isn't he asking for money for himself then?

And in the grants they are listed as a non profit. wouldn't that indicate profit for the writer? in total he is stating over 200,000 for people to be paid in the staff category. For just a pamphlet? I cannot find any information as to them being a non profit organization I cannot find any website to show what they do The authorized representative is listed as Janine Kholes, yet the email for her is listed as someone else.

Without many clarifications as to why so much is being asked for, and more precisely how it is to be spent, I cannot support this grant request. [Rick Ferdon - 4/6/09]

 Link to comments from Steve Cowdrey - 4/5/09