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El Dorado County Sheriff's Department

Preliminary Application Comments

 I would like to express my concern regarding this grant.  I don’t feel that this is money well spent for an OHV fund. I agree law enforcement is a necessary aspect of OHV use, however I am troubled with the amount of money they are requesting. I feel that 2 full time deputies every weekend to patrol the Rubicon Trail is a terrible waste of money. Where else in El Dorado County to they staff 2 full time deputies for one location that may see 20 people visit some weekends? Yes there are some busy weekends on the trail that may require 2 full time deputies and a sergeant, but $75,000 to do this? That seems outrageous to me. I could see granting them the money to patrol on certain weekends such as 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc, but every weekend, or even a majority of weekends seems a bit ridiculous. Do they have any usage data that supports the need for 2-3 officers on any given weekend? [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/6/09]

 The instructions at the OLGA site tell the public to email the applicant, however, I can't find anyplace on the application with the applicant's email. So, I'll send you my comments and ask you to forward them to the applicants.

1. El Dorado County Sheriff Law Enforcement grant: This grant appears to be a waste of money. Everyone acknowledges that the Rubicon requires foot patrols. Light bars and sirens?? Kind of silly when their vehicle (they don't say what they'll be driving, but given they destroyed a specially built Rubicon patrol vehicle, I doubt it will be a patrol car. At any rate, they'll be driving 2 mph, so I don't see a need for a light bar and siren, other than to let all the evil-doers know the sheriff is on his way. Best use of the sheriff is to stop illegal vehicles in Georgetown or on Ice House Road. We all see them every weekend; vehicles that aren't street legal being driven to the trail. On the trail, they need to be plain clothed and on foot.

2.  El Dorado Dept. of Transportation: El Dorado County has received several hundred thousand dollars in grants over the past several years and so far has almost nothing to show for it. The trail is in worse shape today than it was before they began getting grants. It is scandalous that the OHV Division audits have allowed them to get away with this. I want to see the County have the funding it needs to manage the Rubicon, but first it needs to deliver on the nearly $400,000 it has already received to complete a management plan.

Throwing more money at the trail without a plan is foolish. The OHV Division already funded one toilet facility feasibility study; that study determined use of wag bags was the sensible way to go. Now they want another feasibility study. Further, the county is now saying the Rubicon is a public right of way but the county is not responsible for its maintenance. This suggests they have no legal right to apply for grants for use on the Rubicon. This needs to be settled before they get another dime. They can't have it both ways. [Karen - 4/5/09]

 Using the website to submit comments is so confusing and frustrating I do not want to waste my time further to try to figure it out.

I support all the grants from El Dorado County and Rubicon Trail Foundation.

I support Forest grants IF they are going to use the money to improve OHV opportunity. If they are going to use the money to close I am against those grants. If it is ambiguous at all, I am against those grants. [Scott Johnston - 4/3/09]