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BLM - El Centro Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 DPC's comments in support of your 2008/09 OHV Division's Grants and Agreement's Program NECO Restoration Grant Proposal. Thank you very much for a well-thought out project proposal. The actions and activities you propose are urgently needed in your NECO Area.

We and others folks who wished to comment have experienced difficulty with the OLGA web link for public comment so we are using the alternative method of commenting proposed by the OHV Division on their web site.


The Desert Protective Council supports full funding of BLM El Centros 2009 Grant Application to the OHV Division for Restoration Activities in the Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert area of Imperial County. This grant application describes in detail the goals and objectives of their proposed restoration and monitoring activities and is well-thought-out in terms of methodology of measuring relative success or failure of route signing and restoration activities. The monitoring and law enforcement follow-up proposed is one of the strengths of this grant proposal.

The activities and actions proposed by this project are urgently needed to help curtail ongoing damage to soils, to plant and animal species and to the fragile cultural resources from off-route travel throughout the NECO area.

BLM El Centros closed-route-disguising activities, route signing and increased law enforcement presence in the Yuha Desert area of their field office area have met with considerable success in terms of reducing cross-country OHV travel and damage to cultural resources. We believe that similar actions in the NECO area have the potential to result in improved ability to manage OHV use in the far-flung areas of the eastern Imperial County desert as well. The presence of Student Conservation Association crews working in various BLM field office areas of California has been shown to be a positive educational influence on visitors to the area as well as accomplishing effective disguising of closed routes.

The Desert Protective Council would like to participate as a partner along with other groups for assisting in the follow-up monitoring and signing activities that are part of this project proposal.

We would like to thank BLM El Centro for seeking OHV funding assistance for this important project.

We are submitting our comments to the BLM El Centro project applicant and to the OHV Division via email rather than through the OHV Divisions OLGA web link.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you. [Terry Weiner - 4/6/09]

 I have read the grant applications for BLM El Centro Field Office for Ground Operations, Law Enforcement, Education & Safety and Planning and feel they are very worthwhile grants that should be funded to the highest degree possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/3/09]

 Hello. My name is Brendan Hughes and I would like to express my support for the BLM-El Centro Field Office's grant applications, especially for NECO and WECO restoration and law enforcement. Restoration in these planning areas is vital in the protection of sensitive desert lands, habitat, and unspoiled viewsheds from irresponsible OHV use. Also, law enforcement is necessary to bolster this protection. I believe these grants should be fully funded. [Brendan Hughes - 3/30/09]