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Riverside County Planning Department

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have read the State Parks OHV grant application for the Riverside County Planning Department, OHV Commission. The work of this commission is very important in the effort to bring a formal OHV area to life in Riverside County. This grant also brings a favorable match amount, which shows how serious this effort is. Please fund this project as much as possible to help establish a new OHV park in Riverside County. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/5/09]

 I am writing in support of the above mentioned grant application.  Riverside County ranks third in California in number of registered Off Highway Vehicles, yet has no designated OHV Park. Supporting this population of OHV users is imperative for safe and regulated use of public lands. The lack of an available OHV Park leaves users with several options including, utilize private riding parks which service only a small majority of users, take their vehicles to adjacent counties, or ride on lands which are not legal or regulated. The illegal use of lands is the most costly from both the regulation and environmental perspective. My experience with trail management has been that most people desire to follow the rules. In the absence of rules to follow, some decide to make them up as they go along leaving the enforcement and unmitigated environmental impacts for the County to clean up. I feel that the approach that the County Planning Department is taking is a very laudable solution. By allowing residents of Riverside County legal riding parks we can have more effective enforcement and have in place better environmental mitigation measures to allow all interested parties access to open space areas. [Ryan B. Stendell - 4/3/09]

 As a resident as well as a member of the Desert Edge Community Council I have been supportive of the County's diligence in enforcing the prohibition of Off Highway Vehicles in our Community.

We did have a serious problem with a multitude of OHV enthusiasts with families in tow visiting our local desert foothills pretty much every weekend and holidays. They were not "locals" but stayed at local mobilehome and RV parks. Not only was the noise an annoyance to us local residents and their aggressive driving on our local roads a danger, it was also a sad fact that the desert terrain was pretty soon denuded of local fauna and local wild life disappeared leaving an almost sterile Desert environment.

However, I also recognize that a wholesome family weekend outing was removed at least from our local area.

I was told that the County was promoting an alternate option to these enthusiasts by finding them an area or areas where they could enjoy their chosen family hobby .

To that end I would certainly support that goal for enabling families to enjoy their outings together.

Certainly giving these family enthusiasts a chance to "do their thing" together helps them stay together and gives the kids a wholesome outlet.

With these facts in mind, I thoroughly support the Riverside Counties application for receipt of a Planning Grant to allow these families an opportunity to enjoy their chosen hobby. [Carl "Joe" Marsh, Desert Edge Community Council Member - 3/31/09]

 As chairwoman for the Desert Edge Community Council I am writing in support of this grant to promote OHV opportunities.

I believe it is a great solution to replace all the restricted areas with one that can be used. Designated play areas are extremely valuable and safe for riders and also great for families to gather safely and play.

Thank you for your continued work with the public to provide recreational opportunities. [Susan Lombardi - 3/28/09]

 In reference to the Riverside County Grant proposal, I'm very much in favor of having a place to ride ohv. There are limited riding areas in Riverside County and the development of an OHV parks is critical. [Ben & Donna - 3/26/09]

 Link to comments from Roy Wilson & Marion Ashley, Riverside County Supervisors - 3/26/09