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BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have read the grant applications for the BLM - Ridgecrest Field Office for Development, Ground Operations, Law Enforcement, Planning and Education & Safety Support and agree that all are needed and should be funded as much as possible to sustain OHV recreation in this important area. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/3/09]

 Hello. My name is Brendan Hughes and I would like to express my support for the BLM-Ridgecrest Field Office's grant applications, especially those for restoration and law enforcement. The restoration grant will help to reconnect fragmented habitats and to protect sensitive lands from illegal OHV use. Law enforcement money will add an extra layer of protection for these special places by enforcing the legal routes of travel. I believe these applications for grant money should be fully funded. [Brendan Hughes - 3/30/09]

 I support BLM Ridgcrest Field office in acquiring their grant funding application. For the following grant requests:

Development, Jawbone Station expansion. This facility is used for education, Interpretive services and storage of maintenance equipment, museum to help educate plant and wildlife and Rider safety and education. Currently this center is not adequate for the above mentioned.

Ground Operations are essential. Maintenance work, signage, and ground operations play an important role in the quality of OHV opportunity.

Law enforcement is a key element in preserving legal access to public lands within Ridgcrest district.

Planning, El Paso CAPA plan. To preserve the current OHV and multi use route system and recreation access opportunity.

Along with Law Enforcement, Education and safety work hand and hand. Rand Mountain Management area and other areas of limited use need to be stressed by education and staff is needed to help implement.

Please consider that adequate staffing is needed for all points above. [Wayne Nosala - 3/29/09]