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BLM - Needles Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have read the State Parks OHV grant applications for the BLM - Needles Field Office for Ground Operations, Law Enforcement and Education & Safety, and agree that all are needed and should be funded as much as possible to sustain OHV recreation in this area. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/3/09]

 I am working on trying to get the time to make comments on grants, but time just goes away on me. Here are my comments.

Needles BLM Grant is going to embark on route designation by properly signing the areas so that customers, visitors can find their way easily in the field. However to do this we need to have the proper equipment to install the signs in the vast area of Needles.

In this grant it was proposed to get a UTV and trailer, though they could do well, it is impractical because it is not street legal and with its open cab open to all elements in the harsh Desert.

I would suggest that the more appropriate vehicle would be a Jeep or 4 x 4 pick up truck that would have an arguer installed in the vehicles with all the necessary tools to get the job done. Friends of Jawbone are soon going to have a prototype hydraulic auger that can be operated by one person to drill small 4 inch hole and staff can install the proper signs to the proper 3 feet depth.

I would suggest that Needles look into switching form an UTV and trailer to a more appropriate vehicle that can be used in the entire Needles areas including driving on highways, being able lock up their signs and other tools inside the cab and be able to transport staff in a more practical manner.

By the time grants are finalized, Friends of Jawbone hopes to have the prototype finished and come up with brochure for other agencies to be able to purchase this equipment that will make it possible for all field offices to install thousands of signs with ease.

Please change your grant to make it possible to acquire the proper equipment to work on signing. [Ed Waldheim - 3/25/09]