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USFS - Stanislaus National Forest

Preliminary Application Comments

 Link to comments from Dennis Scroggins - 4/6/09

 On behalf of myself and CORVA, I would like to strongly support the grant applications submitted by the Stanislaus National Forest, with a few requests for modifications of the Ground Operations grant application.

Ground Operations #G08-02-19-G05

Partnerships with local OHV enthusiasts, clubs and organizations are critical to continued success for OHV areas. The Merced County Dirt Riders have requested that an addition be made to the Ground Operations grant request that would include:
1. Maintenance of the Crandall OHV Parking/Camping Area access road, gravel, grading, drainage/filling of large puddle in access road in main camp area.
2. Clean up of brush piles from the recent forest thinning in the parking and camping areas.
3. Cleaning and leveling of camp areas that were disturbed by the recent logging operations.
4. Production of a user-friendly visitor use map, and the availability of a 24 hour visitor information (phone line) with latest Forest OHV conditions.
5. Conservation Crews be utilized to help maintain the single track trails instead of the Sweco.
As an involved local OHV club, CORVA believes that the Merced County Dirt Rider's requests deserve to be included in the Ground Operations grant, and we also find the rest of the grant application to be well written, and deserves funding in it's entirety. Stanislaus National Forest offers a wide range of OHV activities, and has been actively enlisting the help and support from local OHV clubs and organizations.

Planning #G08-02-19-P01 and Planning #G08-02-19-P02

I would like to strongly support the Planning application for the Stanislaus NF. The OHV community supports efforts that are made both to improve OHV opportunities and restore areas where illegal OHV activity has incurred. The forest has made an effort to secure adequate match funds by soliciting the buy-in of the OHV community.

Restoration #G08-02-19-R01  and Restoration #G08-02-19-R02

I would like to strongly support both Restoration grants submitted by the Stanislaus National Forest. The OHV community supports restoration grants when the requesting agency cooperates and participates in an effective manner with local OHV enthusiasts.

It's important for all agencies to understand that the best deterrent to illegal OHV activity is a well-maintained and well-planned OHV system that fits the needs and wants of OHV enthusiasts. It is incumbent upon all agencies to work together with local OHV clubs to truly understand those needs, and plan for the increased OHV opportunities in the future. [Amy Granat, Northern Director - 4/6/09]

 Link to comments from by the Tri-County Offroad Club responding to the Stanislaus National Forest Grant Appliction, Aaron Davis - 4/6/09

 Link to comments from Michael Damaso, President, Merced Dirt Riders Inc. - 4-6-09

 Link to comments from Judith Spencer, President of CORE - 4/3/09

 Link to our support letter in response to grant applications. [John Buckley, Executive Director and Brenda Whited, Staff Biologist - 4/1/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 3/26/09

 I would like to encourage the OHMVR Commission to provide the money that has been asked for in the Stanislaus National Forest application. But, only if the amounts asked for remain as they are (or increase in the area of Ground Operations, see below) in the grant application.

If the OHMVR commission chooses to reduce the amount asked for to provide Ground Operations, then I must rescind my endorsement of their application.

For too long the Forest (not just the Stanislaus) have not been provided adequate funds to support the trail system that is in place at the detriment to the Forest, the OHV public, and the environment. Thus, the reason I cannot support a grant that is lopsided away from trail maintenance and support.

But, this grant application appears to be taking into consideration the need for maintenance, and, thus, my support of the Stanislaus National Forest grant application. [Dave Wheeler - 3/24/09]