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USFS - Shasta-Trinity NF - Patrol District

Preliminary Application Comments

 Regarding this Grant Application, I offer the following comments:

There is no specific reference to Law Enforcement actions in the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. Area is presently closed, but likely will be opened upon stabilization of fire impacted areas and completition of hazard reduction operations. Even with partial opening or opening of adjacent BLM lands, some Law Enforcement activity would be necessary.

The Proposed Alternative in the Forest Notice of Intent (Travel Management EIS) closes the dry lakebed of Shasta Lake to all vehicles not licensed or legal for highway use. There is no reference to managing use on the lakebed other than imposing a 15 MPH speed limit.

High use levels on lakebed is mentioned as reason for Law Enforcement actions, but proposed decisions stated in Notice of Intent would reduce vehicle use.

Item 2 on Page 1 - The response shows no clear reference to sustaining or enhancing OHV opportunities.

Item 4 on Page 2 - There is an event scheduled for Nov. 1st, 2009. It is possible that the Forest will not permit the event. In past years there has been approprate USFS Law Enforcement presence at events. If events do occur, will Law Enforcement costs be charged to this Grant or appropriated funds? Suggest clarification.

The biggest single line item in the funding request is for purchase of 5 radar units. My assumption is that these are for measuring speed of vehicles. It is not clear to me how these units will be used and how their use enhances OHV opportunities. There may be valid reasons for the need, but it is not clear in the application.

I am certain that the applicant can address these items and provide rationale. I recommend that the Division seek clarification of these points so that the visitors to National Forest lands are confident that approval of this request is a benefit to motorized recreation. [Steve Uhles - 4/5/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 3/25/09]

 As chairperson of Recreation Outdoors Coalition I am writing on the grant request for law enforcement money for the Shasta-Trinity NF.

While we support grant requests for law enforcement because we know this money provided law enforcement for violations that endanger our right to ride I am concerned about that not being the major reason for requesting funds. The grant request reads in the first line, "Project encompasses patrol and enforcement of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest for violations of off highway regulations." I believe the majority of these funds should be for education of the public and seeing that they are safe while recreating on public lands.

We also understand that those who violate their rights do harm to those of us who recreate responsibly. Education is essential in avoiding violations and this is where the emphasis needs to be.

We support this grant request but feel the major portion should be used to educate the public. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/22/09]