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Humboldt County Sheriff's Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 As a representative for the Blue Ribbon Coalition I have carefully evaluated your 2008 Law Enforcement Grant application.

As a life long Humboldt Co. resident, livestock producer, commercial beach fisherman and recreational OHV user I have an intimate knowledge of the terrain, weather, the very long distance and poor road conditions our deputies must deal with in this very large rugged county.

After my review I am whole-heartedly in support of this grant application at its requested $176,000 dollar level. The benefit of this funding is desperately needed. This is a bare bones request with out any padding that in my assessment is absolutely necessary.

If there are any questions or other concerns please feel free to contact me anytime or come on up and I will take you on a common OHV deputies route from Orick in the north over to Orleans in the east then back to Mad River Beach to help a beach fisherman to then get a call for help on Centerville beach to the south.

These guys work hard for us. They need our support. We need your support. [Dennis Mayo, Blue Ribbon Coalition - 4/3/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. 3/23/09