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USFS - Lassen/Plumas NF - Patrol District

Preliminary Application Comments

 Friends of The High Lakes ( FOTHL ) is a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation, founded in 2007 to partner with Lassen National Forest to enable the very popular High lakes OHV area, which is designated a Semi-Primitive area, with both motorized and non-motorized trails, to return to the glory it once held, as a premier OHV area.

We are totally in support of every element of this grant application, and urge its full funding.

The area over a 15 or so year period had fallen to a point where because of lack of maintenance, education, management and enforcement to a point of "management-by closure" being a reality. Because of the popularity of the area, users came to use it as a no-mans land, and to prevent and turn around the attitudes of some users and to return the trails to be in compliance with the 1976 plan for the area, we went to work.

The near total lack of effective Law Enforcement for too long in the area is the major key element in the reason the area fell into a lawlessness attitude. And a major factor as the the lack of respect for resource protection, and other activities that caused closures and degradation.

We fully support effective Law Enforcement in the area, to be able to return it to its glory as a premier OHV experience, and urge the funding of this grant. Proper Law Enforcement presence and our educational team and tools is what is needed.

I urge the funding of this grant. [Ken Knull, Chairman / Founder - 4/6/09]

 As Chair of Recreation Outdoors Coalition I am writing in regards to the above mentioned law enforcement grant.

My experience with the Lassen NF in the area of law enforcement has not been a positive one. I have also spoken to a number of ROC members who have relayed negative experiences in dealing with Lassen LEO's. However, in the past year there have been some changes with employees moving on and retirements in the near future. Those people coming in as replacements have presented themselves much better to the public and we are now getting reports of more positive interaction.

Law enforcement money is very important not only to the Forest but to those who recreate on the Forest lands. Having a law enforcement presence helps to eliminate violations which protects the innocent. They are also needed for emergencies such as search and rescue and helpful in educating the public in regards to boundaries, laws, etc.

One of the areas where a law enforcement presence is very important is the High Lakes. The Friends of High Lakes is doing an incredible job of partnering with the Forest to manage the area and maintain good OHV opportunities and a law enforcement presence is very important to prevent misuse. With this in mind we support the law enforcement grant request made by the Lassen NF. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/23/09]