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BLM - Bakersfield Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have reviewed the Law Enforcement grant for the BLM - Bakersfield Field Office and urge State parks to fund this grant. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/3/09]

 I could not find where to send my comments on your grant app, perhaps you can forward them to the right person.

I note that Bakersfield BLM has applied for law a enforcement grant through the OHV Grant Program. I support this application. Law enforcement is an essential component of OHV recreation and as stated in the application the Bakersfield Field Office has several such areas. Keyesville in particular needs a greater LE presence. The need for this was described to me by Sequoia FPO's who cover the surrounding National Forest.

Although there seems to be relatively little if any OHV trespass on the Carrizo at present, a greater presence there would be welcome to keep this from becoming a problem.

I was disappointed to see that Bakersfield FO did not apply for any other grants, such as planning, development, or GO. Given that Travel Management is underway on the district I would think that such funding would be critically important at this stage. In understand that the FO is under considerable pressure with many projects underway at present, and that economic stimulus package applications may have taken precedence. However other agencies that have submitted such applications are under no less pressure, so I view this as an opportunity missed. [Bruce Whitcher - 3/23/09]