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USFS - Klamath/Modoc NF - Patrol District

Preliminary Application Comments

 As Club President of Siskiyou County Off Road Riders (SCORR) I have been asked by our membership (309 members) to make comments of the following grant requests.

Klamath NF Law Enforcement G08-02-06-L01. As a club we support the Klamath Law Enforcement Group. They have shown support for responsible OHV activities through the idea that education and information is a better tool then citations. Not to say they don't write citations.

Law Enforcement is a welcome presence as they will target those that are not riding responsible.

We would like to see a larger portion of this grant aimed at providing information and education. [James Lipke - 3/23/09]

 I am writing in response to the above request for grant funds for law enforcement in the Klamath Falls area. G08-02-26-L01

I believe this is a good use for the funds, provided they are used to assist the green sticker riders. [Pat Henderson - 3/23/09]

 As chair of Recreation Outdoors Coalition (ROC) I am writing in support of the Klamath NF Law Enforcement Grant Request - G08-02-26-L01.

Members of our coalition have dealt with this law enforcement agency and have reported positive encounters.

We believe it is important for law enforcement to be present to protect those of us who ride responsibly. OHVers are very good at policing ourselves but once in awhile it is beyond what we are able to do. We then appreciate the presence of LE. They are also necessary for emergencies and education. It has been reported that this LE does a good job. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/23/09]