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BLM - Arcata Field Office

 On behalf of CORVA and myself, I would like to support the grant application submitted by the BLM/Arcata Field Office.

The amounts requested in all the categories - Ground Operations, Law Enforcement, and Restoration are proportional to the OHV opportunities available.

Samoa Dunes Recreation Area is an important and popular OHV recreation area, and it is critical that we support the Ground Operations grant request, which would go directly to improve facilities and trails on the ground, and improve opportunities for visitors enjoying OHV recreation.

Similarly, effective Law Enforcement, and rehabbing areas in need of Restoration, are important to the success of managed OHV areas.

Therefore I completely support this grant request.  [Amy Granat - 4/4/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. 3/23/09