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USFS - Inyo National Forest

Preliminary Application Comments

 I would like to request that the forest move the development of Trail maps for the public as outlined in the Grant under Education and Safety to O & M. With all of the designations of routes taking place, it is an integral part of the management of the trails to have maps that are user friendly. [Ed Waldheim - 4/1/09]

 Hello.  My name is Brendan Hughes and I would like to express my support for the Inyo National Forest's grant application, especially regarding restoration funding. As the Inyo's route designation plan gets closer to finalization, it is imperative for adequate restoration resources to be available to reconnect fragmented habitats and protect sensitive areas from illegal OHV use. I believe the Inyo's grant application should be fully funded. [Brendan Hughes - 3/30/09]

 Link to comments for both the Travel Management Plan and for the Inyo NF Grants. [Kyra - 3/30/09]

 As chairperson of Recreation Outdoors Coalition I am writing in support of two portions of this grant for which I am personally familiar with, the 2 major items under Item 1 of the Proposed Project.

The first item is the request for a mountain snowmobile.

I have personally been to the Inyo out of Lee Vining and ridden snowmobiles with one of the FS employees out of the local FS compound located there. I have witnessed this person being very professional while talking to and educating the public on areas open to snowmobiling and doing some sign repair on the snowmobile trails. I also rode a number of trails being accompanied by this person on the sled the FS presently uses for patrol of the area. While the rider was very capable the machine was outdated and old. I was concerned for the reliability of this particular sled. It was a 2-up sled which is good for trail work but nowhere appropriate for any backcountry riding.

The area in the Inyo portion where this snowmobile will be used is very steep and backcountry. It borders on wilderness. Due to its ruggedness and extreme riding conditions this area is a big draw for very experienced riders, not all of whom are lawful.  To be effective in wilderness patrol one needs a sled appropriate for those riding conditions.

I believe this sled will not sit in a shed letting the years take its toll but will be used in the daily operations of patroling the area by this staff. The staff at this FS location know how to ride and willl make use of this sled.

Item number two is the request for a Police Dog.

While this is not a usual request I believe it is a valid one.

The Inyo is a very remote area with lots of obscure, isolated and dispersed camping areas (some remind one of the Charlie Manson ranch) located on the east side of the Sierras. It is a draw for fishermen, hunters, OHVers, etc, not all of which are a savory bunch of people. Portions of the area are patrolled by a woman who is out there by herself. I have personally heard some stories about incidents occuring while she was on patrol that concerned me. When she told me she had applied for a 'patroll dog' to accompany her I thought it was a novel idea. Shelly loves dogs, is good with them, and this would provide her with company along with added protection. I view this as a security item that could be a life saver for her should she encounter a situation that could put her in danger. Not only would this dog accompany her in a vehicle he would ride with her on a quad.

I STRONGLY support this item and feel this grant should be approved. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/22/09]