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Kern County Sheriff's Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have read the State Parks OHV grant application for the Kern County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement grant and feel this is a worthwhile grant to fund. Kern County has a vast amount of OHV opportunity and needs law enforcement to protect the recreation, land resources and people of the county. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/5/09]

 As representative of Friends of Jawbone we want to fully support this grant in Kern County. Kern County is one of those agencies that has the ability to provide air ship support for emergencies and patrol. BLM and Kern County Sheriff work well together and funding for air patrol should be number one priority when it is coordinated between agencies in East Kern. This would include California City, BLM and Kern Sheriff. Kern County Sheriff should be getting a higher proportion of the grants because they have the visitors to back up the need for their services be it emergency or tickets. [Ed Waldheim - 3/29/09]

 I support Kern County Sheriffs in acquiring their grant application. Kern County is near the top on visitation numbers from the Off Highway Recreation community.

Law enforcement is a key element in preserving legal access to public lands within the Kern County district.

I strongly oppose an organized group promoting themselves using the public grant comments system. [Wayne Nosala - 3/29/09]

 Please take into consideration the tremendous amount of community support for the Kern County Sheriff's Department in their grant application for law enforcement. The Sheriffs have been working diligently to help citizens and businesses curtail the tremendous damage sustained by illegal ORV activity. What with budget cuts, it is imperative the Sheriff's Department be awarded the funds they need to continue the fine work they do for us here in Kern County.

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[ORV Watch Kern County - 3/20/09]