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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Preliminary Application Comments

 I have read the State Parks OHV grant applications for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement for Santa Clarita and Palmdale and would like to comment. The difficulty in evaluating these grant requests come from the fact that there is very little OHV opportunity in these areas to balance the cost of law enforcement coming from this OHV source. While Hungry Valley is a sizable OHV area, grant money cannot be used in an OHV State park and does not count.  While I won't say to not fund these grants, it might be prudent to put them behind grants that have a more direct positive impact on promoting and protecting OHV in California. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/5/09]

 I would like to support full funding for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Palmdale and Santa Clarita offices. Because of the millions that live in Los Angeles County their patrols to keep folks from riding in non-designated area is very important for the public relations of our sport. Residents need to understand that there is no riding in these areas, except designated areas in the Forest Service.  [Ed Waldheim - 3/19/09]