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OHV Title

Plumas County Sheriff's Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 On behalf of the Siskiyou County Off Road Riders (SCORR) we support your enforcement of illegal OHV activities and your policy of education first.  We support the above mentioned grant request.
We also support Plumas County's policy on allowing Mixed Use on selected roads. [Jim Lipke, Club President - 3/18/09]

 Thank You for supporting the OHV recreation.  My family, would like your agency to receive green sticker funding,or any other grant monies, to continue patrolling the county areas we can ride and are under your jurisdiction.

We hope to see you in the forest.  [Pat & Forrest Henderson - 3/18/09]

 Our organization, Recreation Outdoors Coalition is very happy to support this grant request for the Plumas County Sheriff's Office.

This is one of the best law enforcement units we have ever had the pleaseure of working with. Not only are they dedicated to recreation they deal with the public in a very positive manner. They have few problems with recreational violaters because their first goal is to educate those they come in contact with. Their goal is to protect the lawful public and help protect their right to recreate. They come to events and are very unobtrusive and friendly with the public. They do not have an attitude problem nor are they bullish. We look forward to seeing them at our events.

They do a good job and we believe they should be rewarded for their willingness to work WITH the public to encourage them to do what is right. Thank you. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/17/09]