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BLM - Redding Field Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 District 36 is pleased to SUPPORT Grant Numbers G08-01-14-A01 and Grant Number 608-01-14-G07 as written.

District 36 is also pleased to SUPPORT LE Grant Number 608-01-14-L07 with the following comments.*

*As this is a Law Enforcement grant, D36 would ask that the overall LE funding INCLUDE any and all motorized permitted special events as inclusion of this law enforcement grant, and apply to any LE Cost Recovery pertaining to that permitted event.

As said LE Grant is funded by the OHV community, and the OHV community is holding said special event, District 36 feels this is only fair to not again charge for services which the same community has already paid for. See BLM Handbook H-2930-1 SRP Policy for clarification on Cost Recovery.

Request is made to agency that overtime for LE purposes at any permitted special motorized event be avoided at all costs, so the maximum LE dollars can be spread over the Grant cycle funding period.

I see nothing in any statute, law or otherwise that prohibits this action taking place.

This important riding area and OHV opportunity is one of the best in the Northern California area.

As usual, D36 support LE grants that make sense for the community it serves. [David Pickett - 4/6/09]

 Grants GO8-01-14-A01, GO8-01-14-Go7 and GO8-01-14-LO7

Regarding these Grant Applications, I offer the following recommendations:

Recommend full approval of Acquisition Grant, with stipulation that lands acquired will be managed to enhance OHV opportunities. Documentation of this decision and commitment needs to appear in Resource Management Plans, Special Recreation Area Management Plans, any other Planning Documents or amendements to these Plans.

Recommend full approval of Law Enforcement Grant.

Recommend full approval of Ground Operations Grant with the further suggestion that an increase in the amount requested be considered. In light of the impending USFS Travel Management decisions, it is likely OHV opportunities will be significantly reduced on National Forest lands.

It is logical and probable that there will be an increased level of use within the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. This will occur even if the USFS portion remains closed. I suggest the Division consult the Redding Field Office regarding this issue. [Steve Uhles - 4/5/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. 3/23/09

 On behalf of CORVA and the California Trail Users Coalition, I would like to support the grant applications from the BLM - Redding Field Office, especially the Acquisition Grant request.

The BLM Redding Field Office is illustrating a positive proactive approach to increasing OHV opportunity in the state. Any and all acquisition grant requests of this kind deserve to be supported and funded. [Amy Granat, Northern Director, CORVA - 3/21/09]

G08-01-14-A01 - Acquisition, Chappie-Shasta OHV Area

Recreation Outdoors Coalition (ROC) has a membership in the thousands here in No. CA. On behalf of our membership we are writing to let you know that we are in total support of this acquisition grant request.

The Shasta-Chappie OHV Area is made up of government and private parcels of land. Over the years we have seen the agency acquire additional parcels of land that intersparce this OHV area. This acquisition of these private parcels eliminated the potential for conflict or loss of opportunity by the closure of the private lands. Acquisition also allows the agency to manage the resources to prevent erosion and/or potential fire. Acquisition of these two parcels allows riders to no longer need to use the Sacramento River Trail (a very popular non-motorized trail) to make loop rides and to get in to the camping area at the base of the dam.

ROC fully supports any acquisition BLM makes on behalf of the users who frequent this area.

Re:  G08-01-14-G07 - Grounds Operations, Chappie-Shasta

ROC is in total support of this portion of the BLM grant.

The Shasta-Chappie OHV Area suffered from major fires on the ground this past summer. While the area these funds are requested for was not in the burn area it is imparative that maintenance be done to prevent catastrophic fires from destroying this area also. Maintaining trails by clearing brush is important for fire prevention. Maintenance also protects resources.

Much of the Shasta-Chappie is still closed due to fire damage so it is important that this area be maintained to provide riding opportunities for the public. The BLM is very good about utilizing volunteers to repair and maintain trails and areas. They have good ethics for working with their users which allows them to leverage their money.

We are in total support os this grant request.

Re:  G08-01-14-L07

ROC is in total support of this portion of the BLM grant.

BLM law enforcement works very well with the public in the Shasta-Chappie area and their presence assures safe and lawful use. People who use this area are glad for, and supportive of the law enforcement pressence to prevent unlawful use. The Shasta-Chappie is a very well managed popular riding area that has minimal probelms or conflict from users but does occassionally have squatters and trash dumpers which law enforcement presence does help to keep to a minimum. [Sylvia Milligan - 3/13/09]