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OHV Title

Trinity County Sheriff's Department

Preliminary Application Comments

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 3/25/09]

 The following are my comments for OHV Grant Request, G08-03-39-L01, for the Trinity County Sheriff‘s Department.

I will lead off with my main objection to this grant request. With 80% of Trinity County being under the authority of federal agencies, I would rather see the funding go to the federal agencies. Included in the grant request are statements showing that the Trinity County Sheriff’s department has not taken any responsibility in managing illegal OHV use.

From ITEM 1.  Proposed Project

The County of Trinity currently provides no OHV enforcement on a routine basis. Safety laws and vehicle code laws related to OHV are not currently enforced. On any given weekend we find numerous trailers and trucks parked along the roads that have been used to transport this equipment into the closed areas. Due to lack of funding we do nothing with these people.

Comment: If the sheriff’s department knows where the illegal use is taking place and sees these vehicles parked, why are there no citations being written? Registration and spark arrestors could be checked in the parking areas.

Sheriff's Deputies will patrol from two on/off road motorcycles and two equipped with dirt/snow tracks.

Comment: I did not see a request for the two on/off road motorcycles so I assume that the sheriff’s department already has them. Why aren’t they using them for off-pavement patrol? There is also a different naming of the vehicles to be equipped with dirt/snow tracks. In this section they are called motorcycles and on the expense sheet, they are ATVs. For over the snow patrolling, I would think that a snowmobile would be a much better means of transportation.

A routine patrol of closed lands and an increased presence by law enforcement officers will allow us to apprehend illegal OHV users and reduce illegal woodcutting and marijuana cultivation.

Comment: The funding from the OHV program is supposed to go towards OHV use, not supplement other enforcement activities.

9. COUNTIES ONLY - Describe how the OHV in-lieu of tax funds are being used and whether the use of these fees complements the Applicant’s project:

Not Applicable - No OHV in-lieu of tax funds.

Comment: Trinity County does receive in-lieu tax funds. According to the state controllers office, Trinity County received $4374.21 in Jan, 2008, and $6352.05 in July, 2008. While these figures are low, they also point out that not much OHV use is taking place in Trinity County.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/12/09]