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USFS - Sequoia National Forest

Preliminary Application Comments

 During our grants open house it was brought up that route designation signing is very important to the Forest Supervisor Tina Terrell. It was also brought up that with the Piutes having burned this last year and area still closed, when it is time to open a lot of signing materials will be needed. I would suggest we put in a lot more dollars for signing so that when you get ready you have the materials on hand to get volunteers and staff to do the signing. [Ed Waldheim - 3/29/09]

 I am writing in support of the Sequoia OHV grant application. Last year Sequoia was unsuccessful in its application for trail maintenance funding. Sequoia maintains an active program so funding is now needed even more after a year's loss of funding in this area.

A critical area of need is for planning for the Piute area. The area has over 40% of the OHV trails on the Forest and was not included in Route Designation due to the fire. It is critical that planning for the area be properly funded so that as many routes as possible can be analyzed for inclusion on the system. That may allow us to avoid one of the major shortcomings of Route Designation which was the analysis of an insufficient number of routes for designation.

We need the new guide for the HLRD, one has not be available other than through the website for some time.There seems to be little opportunity on the Great Divide, but perhaps a map is needed there due to the shortcomings of the recently published MVUM?

It is unfortunate that a safety and education program could not be developed by the local volunteers, although I acknowledge that their resources are limited.

I have visited the Cyrus Canyon facility and development funding is badly needed for that facility. It has great potential, but without paved access, power and water to the site it will not be able to reach its potential.

Law enforcement is an essential component of any OHV program. The Sequoia needs it as much as anywhere.

With route designation nearing completion for the Kern River District funding will be badly needed for mitigation to allow traditional routes to be reopened for the public; the need for trail maintenance on the District is ongoing and there is excellent volunteer support. And of course support for the Kern Plateau, with an excellent system of routes and developed facilities is absolutely essential. There will be great need on the Isabella, Greenhorn and Breckenridge areas as they implement route designation. The need for funding to allow routes to mitigated so they can be included on the NFTS is going to become acute. [Bruce Whitcher, CORVA - 3/24/09]

 OHV grant comments for the Sequoia N.F. Ground Operation. I think there should be funds for trail signs as we are going to a designated route system. I would also like to see equipment funded for water bar construction on trails in the greenhorn area. [Jon Aichele - 3/11/09]