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USFS - Mendocino National Forest

Preliminary Application Comments

 Please SUPPORT as written, the following grants submitted by the Mendocino NF

G08-02-10-D01/G01/R02/R03/R06 as well as G08-02-29-L01 Law Enforcement with the following comments*

*LE Grant: As this is a LE based grant, funded by the OHV Community, D36 would ask that LE funding have INCLUSION for any and all motorized permitted special events as INCLUSION of this LE grant, and apply to any LE COST RECOVERY pertaining to that permitted event.

I see nothing in any statutes or law that prevents this from occurring. The intent of the program is to support OHV recreation with grants for all catagories that benefit and protect OHV recreation. Permitted events ARE legal OHV Recreation.

As usual, D36 support Law Enforcement grants that make sense for the community it serves. [David Pickett - 4/6/09]

 I support the Mendocino National Forest's grant application for Ground Operations. As a regular visitor to the Mendocino National Forest I can attest to the public need for ongoing funding of maintenance activities in the forest. The Mendocino National Forest with its close proximity to the Sacramento and Bay Area, coupled with its large network of OHV routes, makes this forest an attractive destination area for the OHV enthusiast. Add the fact that the Mendocino National Forest hosts several enduro events and dual sport events, it is clear that the Mendocino National Forest is a vital component to OHV recreation.

As a result of tightening budgets over the last few years, I have seen trail conditions deteriorate due to neglect and lack of proper trail maintenance. If this trend is not reversed the likely result will be trail closure and in turn, OHV recreation will severely suffer. The public has already lost a major opportunity to recreate in the Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA) which has dramatically impacted OHV recreation. The result is that members of the public who regularly recreate in the CCMA have had to seek alternative places to recreate.

The Mendocino National Forest's OHV trail system is on par in size and scope of the CCMA, and is going to shoulder much of the burden of the displaced users of the CCMA. It is more important than ever that we establish and properly fund a trail maintenance program at this OHV destination.

Because this grant application requests funding for the SWECO trail machine, I feel that it is necessary for me to comment and to express my opinion on the overly-dependent use of the SWECO. It is my concern that the SWECO machine is often used inappropriately on trails that should be maintained by hand. The consequence of indiscriminate SWECO use is that trails that should be single-track in nature and "Open to Motorcycle Only" are widened to accommodate the SWECO machine. Many members of the public who prefer to ride single-track trails on their motorcycle, try to avoid trails maintained by the SWECO because the single-track character is lost. Also it is important to note that widened trails contribute to increased trail speeds which reduce the ability of users to "see and avoid" other users, resulting in an increased number of head-collisions with other riders. I would like the see the Mendocino National Forest review their trail system and look for opportunities to reduce the reliance upon the SWECO machine, increase the mileage of single-track trails, and possibly ramp up volunteer groups to support such a trail system. The result would be a trail network that is more desirable to recreate upon, fits the demand of the users, and promotes increased safety. [Kevin Liles - 4/5/09]

 I support the Mendocino National Forest's grant application titled "Fouts Springs Water Development". As a member of a club that puts on an annual enduro event in the MNF, I can attest to the public expectation and public need for potable water in the Fouts Springs campground. The Fouts Springs campground is a major camping and staging area for OHV users in the Mendocino National Forest, and is one of a kind with its size and ability to host large numbers of general public and event participants. The return of potable water to this area would be a benefit to not only OHV, but to all users of the forest. [Kevin Liles - 4/5/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. - 3/26/09

 This is to comment on the Mendicino National Forest OHV grant funding. I grew up hunting and riding in this area and through the years it has become harder and harder to find an area not prohibited to off-road vehicles. After I got out of high school I moved to Sacramento where I got involved in the Rubicon and the restoration, clean up of the trail. I feel strongly that opening more off-road areas of that same nature would be extremely beneficial. Due to the fact that some people have taken upon themselves to wheel wherever they can, because there is not enough designated areas, and then it ruins it for everyone. I hope to see this grant funding go through as planned. Thank you. [Neil Dunn - 3/8/09]