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Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I would like to express my concern regarding this grant. I don’t feel that this is money well spent for an OHV fund. I agree law enforcement is a necessary aspect of OHV use, however I am troubled with the amount of money they are requesting. In their own words the purpose of their application is:

“We will supply the law enforcement officers to increase the frequency of the patrols, now we just need you to supply the six new off-road patrol motorcycles.”

Yet the requested grant is for 73,778.00. That is close to $12,000 per motorcycle, which is far more than a motorcycle should cost. It seems they are really asking for OHV money to fund the purchase and maintenance and safety equipment and… what’s next they want OHV money for the gas too? I really think tax payers should foot some of this enormous bill, or some costs should be trimmed to arrive at a more reasonable figure than 12K per bike.

I would also like them to provide more information on the public education program they plan to implement in section 5:

5. The Applicant agrees to implement a public education program that includes information on safety programs available in the area and how to report.

OHV violations? (Please select Yes or No)
And I question why they are not working with OHV users/clubs in the area to educate and “inform” other users of OHV misuse. This policy has worked well in other areas. Finally, as a resident of Alameda County for many years, I don’t believe this county supports OHV use at all and am therefore against them receiving OHV fund money. I have a suspicion that these increased “patrols” will really just be used to harass OHV users and discourage access to legal routes through over zealous enforcement. I would like to see a few examples of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office working with OHV users prior to approving a percentage of their requested funds. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/6/09]

 D36 CANNOT support this grant as submitted at a full funding level.


The exception is Carnegie SVRA, which is run by State Parks OHMVRD.

This grant needs to be resubmitted with substantial proof of need. This is one of the very few OHV LE grants we oppose as submitted. [David Pickett - 4/6/09]

 On behalf of CORVA and myself, I would like to object to the Law Enforcement grant request submitted by the Alameda County.

After careful reading of this grant request, I have determined that there is no basis to support a request for funding for Alameda County. Although Alameda County contends in their application that Carnegie SVRA is located in Alameda County, a careful examination of Goggle Earth indicates that Carnegie SVRA is for all intents and purposes located in San Joaquin County.

In fact, Alameda County does not support OHV recreation through any OHV parks, and no legal OHV areas are supported in the county. OHV trust funds should be reserved for those counties that actively support OHV recreation.

In their grant application, Alameda County boasts of "vast reaches of park and recreation lands so easily accessible to major metropolitan and large residential areas". If this is so, then Alameda County should seriously consider developing an OHV park similar to Metcalf Park in Santa Clara County. This would be a welcome addition, supported by CORVA and the OHV community.  [Amy Granat, Northern Director, CORVA - 3/28/09]

 Link to comments from Don Amador, Western Representative, BlueRibbon Coalition, Inc. 3/23/09

 I am submitting the following comments on the OHV Grant request by the Alameda County Sherriffs Dept.

Comment: In the descriptions of the problems, much of it has to do with general crime and not directly related to illegal OHV activities.

ITEM 3. Describe the frequency of the patrols Our Sheriff's Office is requesting to purchase six new off-road patrol motorcycles through this grant to provide a regular and much more frequent patrol deterrent to rural crime in these areas that could not be reached by regular patrol units or where a regular patrol unit could get damaged or rendered immobile. We will supply the law enforcement officers to increase the frequency of the patrols, now we just need you to supply the six new off-road patrol motorcycles.
Comment: They are requesting “off-road motorcycles”. There is no mention of how they plan to transport them.

ITEM 4. Deployment of Personnel
1. Identify areas with high priority law enforcement needs because of public safety, cultural resources, and sensitive environmental habitats, including wilderness areas and areas of critical environmental concerns:
There are a number of endangered animal and plant species in Alameda County that are adversely effected by illegal off-highway usage.
Comment: There is no listing of which endangered animals or plant species are present in the county or where they are located. It appears that no research has been done.

2. Describe how the proposed Project relates to OHV Recreation and will sustain OHV Recreation, motorized off-highway access to non-motorized recreation, or OHV Opportunities associated with the Project Area:
Through this proposed Project the Alameda County Sheriff's Office is able to provide for well managed OHV Recreation.
Comment: Alameda County does not provide any OHV Recreation.

9. COUNTIES ONLY - Describe how the OHV in-lieu of tax funds are being used and whether the use of these fees complements the Applicant’s project:
OHV in-lieu tax funds are being used in Alameda County to fund law enforcement personnel assigned to OHV activities. These in-lieu tax funds will be complemented by our project's request for six (6) off-road motorcycles to transport law enforcement personnel.
Comment: Will you provide documentation to show that the OHV in-lieu of tax funds are actually being applied to the county OHV program? For many counties, the in-lieu money just goes into the general fund and there is no way to show that it is being applied to an OHV program.

Vehicle Operations and Maintenance, $1250.000 per motorcycle.
Comment: $1250.00 each for Operations and Maintenance for NEW motorcycles seems very high.

Thank you for considering my comments. [Bruce Brazil - 3/7/09]