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Nevada County Sheriff''s Office

Preliminary Application Comments

 I am writing in support of the grant request submitted by the Nevada County Sheriff's Department to manage OHV use in the vicinity of Greenhorn Creek/Chalk Bluff and Red Dog Roads in Nevada County. These past few years, improved Sheriff patrols and concerted BLM efforts have turned what had become a war-zone situation into a more peaceful residential neighborhood once again. Prior to the grant funding, residents had been forced to deal with trespassers, noise, threatened violence and fire safety issues on our own. The problem began to escalate significantly as BLM closed more of their lands to OHV use, and our neighborhood was targeted as "the place to ride". (Our BLM lands are also legally closed to OHV traffic.) This past January my residential property, which is located on paved county road, was still subject to trespass by (likely) participants in the "Jeep Jamboree".

Despite some continuing problems, we are so very grateful that the OHV situation is no longer the unhappy focal point of our lives. I urge you to continue grant funding for the Sheriff's Department. They and BLM are doing a good job, with impressive statistics on arrests and tickets issued.

Attached is a resolution passed by the Red Dog-You Bet Association in 2006 which requested BLM closure. It details the historical negative impact of illegal and reckless OHV use in our environs.

Thank-you. I realize it's a tough budget year, but this funding is critical to the safety and well-being of our families. This past year has seen an increase in the number of residences in our neighborhood. [Rita Jennings - 3/5/09]